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Date: 4/7/2021
Name: Phoenix (Formally Steph)
Breed: Alsatian
Client: Audrey Strong
Loc: Arizona

I guess what everyone wants to know is about shipping... Shipping went well. There was a minor mishap with her original flight and I was notified IMMEDIATELY. Like 4am in the morning immediately. She was driven from Ohio to Chicago... from Chicago she was flown to Arizona. Her nanny was so sweet! She was about 2lbs (or less) when I got her so I appreciate the extra precautions to make sure she got to me alive. I got calls, texts and emails making sure she was doing well. The emails were most helpful. They were super long and the extremely important information was in bold red. Lol. Long story short, I love her so much.

Date: 12/29/2020
Name: Maci (formally bubbles)
Breed: Alsatian
Client: Kera Huling
Loc: Lisle IL

She is just what I needed & wanted! I recently lost my 8mth year older puppy and Maci couldnt of came at a better time! She is perfect, so cute & full of love! Premier Pups made everything so easy for me! I love how they make follow up calls to check in on the puppies, it shows they really care! Thank you so much, i will refer you to everyone!

Date: 7/28/2020
Name: Archie (Formally Liam )
Breed: Alsatian
Client: Akshata
Loc: Fremont , California

We have been having Archie for 3 weeks now . Highly smart and intelligent pup but yes very adamant too . So far our journey with him has been Lovable . I recommend premier pups as a pit stop for your pup ! Oh yeah , our neighbors and my friends have ordered the pups too from them ??

Date: 6/12/2021
Name: Gypsy (formerly Daria)
Breed: Alsatian
Client: Joyce and Ray Lundquist
Loc: Phoenix, AZ

We adopted out puppy in March, she is now 5 months old. Gypsy (formerly Daria) gives us joy every single day with her fun energy and many kisses which we call Gypsy Juice. Our grandson adopted Kona, (a mini Berniedoodle) last August; Kona just turned one this past week. Our grandson raved about how warm, wonderful and detailed Premierpups was before, during and after adopting Kona. Soon after, we began our search for our dream Cavapoo. When we saw Gypsy, we knew she was the puppy we were meant to adopt and love. Premierpups allowed us to FaceTime with Gypsy before her flight to Phoenix, it was love at first sight. We loved Premierpup’s step by step instructions to keep our puppy healthy and happy during her transition. Gypsy is smart, a fast learner, potty trained easily and is a joy to take your on her daily walk. Our life is extra beautiful as we welcome Gypsy each morning. We will highly recommend Premierpups. They love their puppies and give them A-1 care before adoption which we continue with Gypsy in our home. Premierpups us a 5 Star ?? company. ????