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Dachshund Dogs of New Trier, IL

New Trier, Illinois Dachshund Dogs

We are thrilled to present a variety of delightful adult Dachshunds that have been raised in loving homes after being adopted as puppies from Premier Pups. These charming little companions have brought happiness and companionship to their families, and we hope that they will continue to do so for many more years to come.  

On this page, you can browse through photos and learn about the distinct personalities of each of these New Trier, Illinois Dachshunds. You can also discover more about their breed characteristics, including their small stature, short, smooth coats, and friendly nature.  

We hope that this page showcases the joy that these delightful dogs bring to their families, and we are grateful to the families who have given them such loving homes. If you are considering adopting a New Trier, Illinois Dachshund puppy, we encourage you to browse our selection of available puppies and contact us with any questions you may have. 

Dachshund Dog Pictures and Reviews near New Trier


5 Amazing Things No One Told You About the Dachshund

5 Amazing Things No One Told You About the Dachshund

A small but mighty dog, the Dachshund is one of the world's favorite dogs. Originally from Germany, where it made its reputation known for its hunting prowess, this dog comes fully equipped to enchant us all. Dachshunds can be small or medium-sized, but their personalities are big and mighty. Stick with us to learn 5 amazing things about the Dachshund that no one told you before. 

Dachshunds are Hunting Dogs 

black mini dachshund in the woods...

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Dachshund Breed Info

Dachshund Breed Info

With its tiny legs, long body, and bold personality, the Dachshund is sure to catch your eye and make you fall head over heels. This amazing champion of dogdom is one of the favorite purebreds in the world. It enchants with its alert expression, friendly personality, and joyous disposition. The breed is a true adventurer and a loyal friend. An excellent companion pet in every sense, the Dachshund can be owned by any dog lover looking for a brave and sweet fur baby.