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French Bulldog Dogs of Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, Florida French Bulldog Dogs

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to share the joy and love that French bulldogs bring into the lives of their owners. These delightful pups are known for their playful and affectionate personalities and bring endless joy and companionship to those lucky enough to have them in their lives. On our page, you can find pictures of these adorable dogs as adults, as well as detailed information about each one. 

These Frenchies have all been adopted as puppies from Premier Pups and are now thriving in their new homes in Cape Coral, Florida. It brings us great satisfaction to see the difference these dogs make in the lives of their owners, and we are honored to have played a part in bringing them together.  

If you're considering adding a French bulldog to your family, we encourage you to take a look at our page. You'll find pictures and information about the adult Frenchies that have been adopted from Premier Pups and are now living happily in Cape Coral, Florida. We hope that their stories will inspire you to experience the love and joy that a French bulldog can bring. If you have any questions or are interested in adopting one of our puppies, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.  

French Bulldog Dog Pictures and Reviews near Cape Coral


Training a French Bulldog

Training a French Bulldog

Bonjour, fellow French Bulldog lovers! Are you a proud owner of an adorable Frenchie or considering adding one to your family? Then you've come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of French Bulldog training, providing you with practical tips, valuable insights, and tried-and-true methods to help you build a strong bond with your furry friend while ensuring they grow up to be happy, well-behaved, and the envy of all other dog owners. 

French Bulldogs Claim Top Spot as America's Favorite Canine Companion

French Bulldogs Claim Top Spot as America's Favorite Canine Companion

The charismatic French Bulldog has officially stolen America's heart, snatching the coveted title of the most popular dog breed in 2022, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC). Surging in popularity with their endearing wrinkled faces and playful personalities, the pint-sized pups have captured the hearts and homes of families across the nation. As Frenchies leapfrog their way to the top of the canine charts, it's no wonder that dog lovers everywhere are smitten...

What Dogs Make the Most Loyal Companions?

What Dogs Make the Most Loyal Companions?

Dogs have been mankind’s best friends for thousands of years, some of them even making history with their pure devotion to their humans. If the name Hachiko rings a bell, then you know what we mean. Hachiko was an Akita that made history and showed us all how powerful a dog’s loyalty can be. For 10 years, the Tokyo Shibuya train station witnessed just how devoted a dog can be to its owner. Hachiko stood unhinged for a decade waiting for his deceased owner...

Rare French Bulldog Colors

Rare French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldogs are one of the cutest and most popular purebred dog breeds around. According to the American Kennel Club, these dogs hold second place as the most popular breed in the world. They have been in the top 5 most popular dog breeds for quite a few years now.  

The Frenchie is a dog everyone loves. With its goofy personality and gorgeous appearance, it's impossible not to. They're great with kids, amazing with other...

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French Bulldog Breed Info

French Bulldog Breed Info

The French Bulldog (also known as the Frenchie) is a striking, cheerful, affectionate little dog. He loves belly rubs and cuddles, games, and stunts, and thrives on human interaction. Goofy, sweet, free-spirited, and joyful, this dog is a natural-born comedian. He gladly fills the house with giggles and laughter.  

Built like Batman, he has a strong confident demeanor and a well-proportioned muscular body. He has round dark eyes, large upright bat ears, and a smooth fine coat. Small in stature, the uniquely charming French Bulldog has an average height between 11 to 13 inches and an average weight between 22 to 28 pounds. 

A few of our French Bulldog puppies


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