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Maltese Dogs of St. Paul, MN

St. Paul, Minnesota Maltese Dogs

We are proud to present a selection of adorable adult Maltese dogs that have grown up in loving homes after being adopted as puppies from Premier Pups. These fluffy little companions have brought joy and companionship to their families, and we hope that they will continue to do so for many more years to come. 

On this page, you can browse through pictures and read about the unique personalities of each of these St. Paul, Minnesota Maltese dogs. You can also learn about their breed characteristics, including their small size, long and silky white coat, and gentle disposition. 

We hope that this page serves as a testament to the joy that these delightful dogs bring to their families, and we thank the families who have given them such loving homes. If you are considering adopting a St. Paul, Minnesota Maltese puppy, we encourage you to browse our selection and reach out to us with any questions you may have. 

Maltese Dog Pictures and Reviews near St. Paul


Discover the World of Teacup Maltese: Care, Health, and Ownership Tips

Discover the World of Teacup Maltese: Care, Health, and Ownership Tips

The Teacup Maltese is an undeniably adorable and fascinating variation of the much-loved Maltese breed. With their tiny size and heartwarming charm, it's no wonder that these pint-sized pups have gained significant popularity among dog lovers. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the world of Teacup Maltese dogs, providing you with accurate and valuable information. 

Our goal is to debunk common myths surrounding this...

A Guide to the Best Maltese Haircuts

A Guide to the Best Maltese Haircuts

Maltese dogs are known for their cute and cuddly appearance, but did you know that their hairstyle is just as important as their looks? Maltese haircuts are a crucial aspect of maintaining their gorgeous appearance and keeping them healthy. Whether you're a proud Maltese owner or just a fan of these adorable white dogs, you'll love learning about the different haircuts available for them. In this blog, we'll explore the various hairstyle options, from the classic Maltese...

5 Easy Steps To Maltese Grooming

5 Easy Steps To Maltese Grooming

Maltese are dogs of great beauty, whether they sport their cute puppy haircuts or silky white, luxurious coat that reaches the floor. Their elegance is rarely matched by other dogs. But, as most owners can attest, keeping their luxurious white coats intact takes some work. From brushing their coats to bathing them and keeping up their pure white silky hair, here are 5 easy steps to Maltese grooming. 

Step 1: Brushing Routine 

groomed long-hair Maltese ...

The Best Pros and Cons of Owning a Maltese

The Best Pros and Cons of Owning a Maltese

The Maltese are one of the most popular dogs in the world, and they have been for centuries. These cuties are renowned for their pure white coats and fashionable appearance. They're completely adorable and have fantastic personalities. You will find these dogs in shows and sporting competitions holding trophies and making their parents proud. You will also find them on millions of laps across the world.  

Owning a Maltese is...

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Maltese Breed Info

Maltese Breed Info

Affectionate, cuddly, joyful, and kind, the Maltese puppies are the precious little gems of the dog kingdom. These beautiful small dogs are playful, happy, fun, and full of life. They love to be surrounded by their human family and they never seem to grow old – neither in spirit nor in appearance. The adorable Maltese puppies want nothing more than to bring joy and love into their homes. They are natural-born entertainers who love to perform and are perfect little cuddle buddies. They train easily, are eager to please, and they’re always happy and up for fun.  

Small, gracious, and elegant, the Maltese grows to a height of 9 to 10 inches and weighs 4 to 7 pounds fully grown. Their small stature is beautifully matched with a long white silky coat, a round face, expressive dark eyes, a tiny black nose, feathered floppy ears, and a puffy tail.