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Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies For Sale and Adoption

Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies Breed Information

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a relatively new breed that appeared in California as a smaller version of Australian Shepherd. It has a medium-long double coat, a soft and dense undercoat and a longer outer coat, resistant to extreme weather conditions. The coat is either straight or wavy and colored in black, red, blue or various combination or marking points.

Mini Aussie is very friendly, loyal and affectionate and get along very well with children and families. It is also active and loves to play and be in the move. It tends to become protective and loves to please its owner, that’s why it is easy to train. Due to its energy level, it needs to be mentally and physically stimulated to avoid boredom and problem behaviors. It is sociable and loves to spend time with its owner and other pets and it is not aggressive with people.

Due to its personality and intelligence, it is eager to learn new things. It can be trained for various dog sports including agility, obedience etc. If it is early socialized and trained using a firm and consistent attitude, it becomes a well-rounded dog.

It can adapt well to apartment living if it is properly exercised. It can become destructive and bark for long periods if it is not properly exercised or mentally stimulated.

It is an average shedder and needs regular maintenance. Brush the coat weekly to prevent matting and bath it fewer times a year, trim its nails on a regular basis to prevent painful splintering.

The Mini Aussie needs special and high quality food dedicated to active dogs in order to meet its energy needs.

If it is properly cared, it doesn’t have health issues. It is prone to hip and eye problems, depending on its genes.

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