Birth Date 6/24/2020
Gender Male
Current Weight 5lb 12oz
Est Adult Weight 8-14 lbs
Registry n/a
Vaccinations Up-To-Date On All Shots
Vet Inspection 8/25/2020

The energetic designer breed Shih-Poo is a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Though, there is little known history on the origin of the Shih Poo, what we do know is that throughout history there have been many Shih Tzu and Poodle mixes. These adorable and easy to love dogs were developed to make perfect compact companions with the added benefit of hypoallergenic coats.

Appearance and Grooming

With their alert expression and sturdy little frames, these dogs may have the curly coat of a Poodle or the long, straight coat of a Shih Tzu. Like both parent breeds, the Shih Poo can come in a multitude of solid colors including white, black, gray, brown and apricot or in a parti-color pattern. Daily brushing as well as visits to the groomer every 3 to 4 months is essential for keeping your puppy matte and tangle free.


These puppies are playful, friendly and affectionate, always happy to sit in a lap and give a little love. Their inherited behavioral traits from both parent breeds will assure a clever and spirited little dog. Though social in nature, they can also be quiet and quite shy with strangers. Proper socialization at an early age will give them the confidence that they need to be comfortable in most environments and with most people.

Family and Companionship

While quite intelligent, these loveable pets may not be the best choice for first time dog owners, as their sometimes stubborn streak can make them difficult to house train. Yet, their sweet and loyal nature makes them ideal companions, especially for retirees looking for a four-legged friend to spend their golden years with. Nothing will make you smile quite like having a Shih-Poo bouncing around your home.


The amount of exercise that your puppy will require will vary by the particular traits that they inherit from their parent breeds. Most often they will need a moderate amount of exercise for both physical and emotional health. A short to medium length walk on a daily basis will be adequate for a dog this size. Additional exercise can be easily achieved through play by allowing your puppy to play outdoors in a fenced in area.

Training and Socialization

Loyal to a fault and cute as they come, this little ball of love will tax even the most patient and experienced of professional dog trainers, so new dog owners should not try to take on such a task. Hiring a trained professional is the best choice for this little independent and comedic character as persistency and routine is key when it comes to both training and socialization. Introduce your puppy to new sights and sounds in addition to professional training early on to form a well rounded and behaved dog.



Clever, affectionate, gentle, loyal, and loving.

Adult Weight 8-18 lbs
Adult Height 8-17 inches
Life Expectancy 10-15 yrs
Low High
Easy Hard
Min Max
Easy Hard
Low High

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Date: 1/18/2021
Name: Formerly Echo
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Renee' Shoalmire
Loc: Néw Iberia Louisiana

Snowball formerly Echo. He loves attention and he gets a lot of it. He went on his first motorcycle ride. He was born 10/03/2020. He is now 15 weeks old. Everyone we come across says oh look how cute. He is a Lil bundle of joy. Our experience with premier pups was great. Would recommend them.

Date: 3/8/2021
Name: Chloe (Orginally Adele)
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Anthony Miranda
Loc: Ventnor, New Jersey

First, We cannot say enough positive things about PremierPups! From the beginning to end, everything went so smoothly. We received our puppy on February 28th via transport by vehicle. Between the purchase of our puppy, Chloe, to when we received her, the company kept in full contact with us and provided us daily information on how Chloe was doing and what we needed for her arrival. We had to meet staff to pick up our Chloe. They were prompt with time. Our puppy was received very clean and healthy looking. We were provided with her shot records, food and information needed for Chloe. This past week since having her, Premier Pups has remained in contact with us checking to see how our Chloe is doing. We couldn’t be more happy. She is a healthy little puppy who likes to eat a lot and provide kisses. We love her so much! We definitely would recommend Premier Pups to anyone. Thanks Premier Pups for your great customer service and providing a healthy puppy to us.

Date: 1/2/2021
Name: CaliBear
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Danelle
Loc: Miami, FL

Our Cali Bear is a dream doggie! We got her a little over a year ago and she has become one of the family! She’s simply perfect! The experience with Premier Pups was nothing less than PERFECTION! They were amazing even after Cali came home! We are looking into getting a Cavapoo in the next year from PP! ??

Date: 12/17/2020
Name: Poppy Luna formerly known as Oreo
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Stefan Dubiel
Loc: Greer, SC

My little baby, Poppy Luna (formerly known as Oreo) arrived about a week ago. I had thought about getting another dog for a while and with COVID-19 and working from home being our new realities, I decided it was the perfect time. My priority was finding a dog that would be compatible with my 13 year old chihuahua boy, Gizmo. Of course, like any responsible dog owner, I checked the shelters first but due to the very specific requirements I had, I could not find the right pup. Those requirements were mostly because of Gizmo as he would be the absolute priority in my decision. It would have to be a puppy because of his age and the potential lack of adaptability with an older dog. I wanted it to be a female dog since he generally seems to get along better with girls. And I wanted it to be a non-shedding bread due to this being the second dog in my home. After searching and contacting shelters, I stumbled across premierpups and instantly fell in love with Poppy Luna. She arrived safe and sound at GSP airport about two weeks after my offer had been accepted. Gizmo and her have since become best friends, she goes to work with me every day (whether at home or at my office), she is super friendly with people and other dogs, and crate training with the pup pee poo palace has become a breeze. After only two very short nights with much crying and little sleep, she actually sleeps quietly in her crate. Although appreciated, I did not need any of the wet food or karo syrup sent with her. She started eating her hard food instantly. We had our first vet visit two days ago and she is absolutely happy and healthy. I really could not be happier. Thank you so much, premierpups.

Date: 1/5/2021
Name: Victor
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Carolyn Honaker-Cottle
Loc: South Charleston, WV

After losing our little boy Colby, who was a Shih Tzu Poodle mix, we had a huge hole in our hearts. After debating whether we should get another dog (we had 5), we decided to take Victor (we named him Giles after my great, great grandfather.....all our dogs are named after family members) another Shih Tzu Poodle mix. He has helped heal that empty spot left by Colby. He will be 1 year old on January 17th and has brought us so many smiles, something we badly needed in 2020. Giles is probably the happiest dog we've ever had. From day one he loved all his brothers and sisters and they eventually grew to tolerate him very well (he likes to chew their ears and legs). What a great fit for us!

Date: 3/17/2021
Name: Frankfurt aka “Frankie Baby”
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Brianne Myers
Loc: New Carlisle,OH

We adopted Frankie on May 14, 2020. He is a Shipoo. He just turned 1 year old on March 16, 2021. Frankie has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He’s so loving, has a spunky personality, and loves to follow my husband and I around. Love, love, love him!!!!

Date: 7/30/2020
Name: Serenity Fern Letsch
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Olivia and Melissa Letsch
Loc: Fairfield, Ct

Oh my gosh our little darling Serenity came into our lives only 2 months ago. Our whole family loves her to death. I cant even imagine what my life would be without her. She is my little pal and most of all my new best friend. She is the cutest and gives so many licks and cuddles 24/7. She is so affectionate and has gotten so big since we first got her. I would just like to say that Premier Pups made it so easy through the process of getting her and was so sweet with helping along the way of our journey. Premier Pups is defiantly the best and if your looking for a cute little side chick to make your life even more worth its while, check out the cutest pups they have to offer. My life is now complete with my baby Serenity and all my love goes out to her!!! #SHIHPOOareagirlsbff

Date: 9/12/2020
Name: Cherry
Breed: Shih Poo
Client: Caroline
Loc: Newport Coast, CA

We just got Cherry two months ago and she is the best puppy we could have hoped for. I highly recommend premier pups! She is so loving and smart, every time we take her out people always ask us where we got her from!

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