6 Fun Facts About Dogs

Dogs can smell fear, it’s not a myth. They can smell emotions like excitement, anxiety, sadness, anger, and enthusiasm through our levels of perspiration.

Your family dog learns your schedule and knows when you are about to leave, when it’s time for you to come home, how long you will be gone, and how much time is left before you return.

Guilt is not in their vocabulary. Although they act as if they know they’ve done something wrong, dogs don’t actually feel guilt rather than react to a certain tone of voice and physical approach.

We can hear a coin drop from 10 feet away, our super dogs can hear it from 40 feet away.

Dogs have three eyelids that help keep their eyes moist, shiny, and hydrated, and protect them from any kind of eye infection.

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog dreams about, the short answer is most likely YOU. Dogs dream of their surroundings and familiar faces.