6 Interesting Facts About Dogs

Super Nose

The biggest canine superpower dogs have is their sense of smell. Dogs can smell at least 40 times better than humans can.

6th & 7th Sense

Dogs can sense impending disasters. A study conducted soon after a major Japanese earthquake confirms that some dogs can sense changes in the atmosphere before a disaster strikes.


Did you know that your dog gets jealous when you cuddle, pet, or praise another dog? It’s true; dogs can feel jealousy, lovey-dovey butterflies, happiness, and sadness.

Super Hearing

Dogs have 18 ear muscles that they use to twitch their ears up, down, and from side to side for better hearing. They can hear high and low frequencies that we can’t pick up on, and they can hear from a distance four times greater than we can.


In lines with the myth that dogs have night vision and can see fine in pitch-black darkness, studies have shown that dogs see better in a low-light setting. Dogs can see better and much further than we can at night.

Puppy Dreams

Puppies, and adult dogs, dream just like we do. Studies show that their REM sleep patterns are very similar to humans.