Cavapoo Puppy Training Guide

Excessive Barking: Identify triggers and use distractions to maintain a peaceful environment. 

Chewing Issues Direct your puppy's natural urge to chew towards safe and suitable toys. 

Separation Anxiety:  Use gradual desensitization techniques to soothe your puppy's fears. 

Ignoring Recall: Consistency and rewarding responses help ensure your puppy's safety and obedience.

Nipping or Biting: Redirect to appropriate chew toys and use firm 'no' commands to curb biting. 

Fear of Strangers: Encourage positive interactions to help your puppy overcome apprehension. 

Hyperactivity:  Ensure your Cavapoo gets plenty of physical exercise and mental stimulation. 

Toilet Training:  Establish a routine and use positive reinforcement for successful house training. 

Training a Cavapoo takes patience and understanding, but the results are a well-behaved, delightful companion.