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Havachon  puppies for sale in Virginia

The Havanese Bichon mix is a one-of-a-kind designer breed that brings together the best of both worlds. They possess the charming intelligence of a Havanese and the playful gentleness of a Bichon Frise, making them a beloved companion.

Virginia Havachon  Breeders

At Premier Pups, we prioritize the well-being of our furry friends. Our expert vets examine and treat each pup, providing the care and attention they deserve to grow into happy, healthy companions. Find your new best friend at Premier Pups.

Mini Labradoodle  puppies for sale in Virginia

The Mini Labradoodle is a bundle of joy - smart, energetic, and always ready to show affection. Ideal for families and seniors alike, they make loyal and loving friends that bring endless happiness to their human companions.

Virginia Mini Labradoodle  Breeders

At Premier Pups, our passion is to bring joy to families through our furry friends. That's why we put in the extra effort to raise the healthiest Mini Labradoodle puppies, with the goal of placing them in loving homes, where they will be cherished forever.

Mini Aussie puppies for sale in Virginia

Mini Aussies are affectionate, loyal, protective, and loving towards their family. These furry friends are known for their unwavering affection towards their family and are eager to please, making them the perfect addition to any household.

Virginia Mini Aussie Breeders

We offer a variety of Mini Aussie puppies in Virginia, helping you find the perfect match for your family.

Pomsky  puppies for sale in Virginia

Pomeranian Huskies are a cute and playful breed, combining traits of Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies. They make great pets and are sure to win your heart with their snuggly appearance and playful nature.

Virginia Pomsky  Breeders

Our Pomsky puppies are well-cared for and loved, ensuring they are happy and healthy before joining their new families. They are sweet, loving companions for those seeking a furry friend.

Cavapoo  puppies for sale in Virginia

Cavapoos are a charming mix of Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are affectionate, low-shedding, and highly trainable, making them an ideal companion for anyone seeking a furry friend.

Virginia Cavapoo  Breeders

At Premier Pups, we offer the perfect puppy for any family, whether you live in a small apartment or a large house.