Full Grown Mini Goldendoodle

We offer Mini Goldendoodles, a delightful blend of Golden Retrievers and Miniature Poodles.

Our puppies grow into small to medium-sized dogs, usually weighing between 15-30 pounds.

These friendly and tolerant pets make excellent family companions, suitable for homes with children.

Mini Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic, ideal for families or people with allergies.

With their high intelligence, our Mini Goldendoodles are easy to train and can perform various roles.

Our puppies come in a range of coat colors, adding to their endearing looks.

We ensure our Mini Goldendoodles get adequate exercise and mental stimulation for optimum health.

Our Mini Goldendoodles live 10-15 years on average, providing you with many years of companionship.

Raised in a family environment, our puppies are social and enjoy the company of humans and other pets.

We provide grooming tips to keep your Mini Goldendoodle's coat clean and tangle-free.