Grooming your Dog at Home Tips

 When grooming your dog at home, always use treats and toys to reward good behavior.

Avoid clipping your dog’s nails when he/she is agitated.

Approach grooming with calmness and patience.

Do not punish or yell at your dog to sit still. This will agitate your dog even more and pose difficulties in later grooming sessions.

If you want dog home grooming to be successful,

begin all the grooming steps when you bring your young puppy home.

Dog haircuts and clips should be done after receiving training in grooming from a professional dog care specialist.

Groom your dog periodically without skipping any of the essential grooming steps.

When bathing your dog, avoid using human products like human shampoo, conditioner, soap, or perfume.

These products contain chemicals that are harmful for dogs. Only use vet-approved products when grooming your dog at home