Puppy-Proofing Your Home

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Safe and Happy Environment

Secure cords and cables: Keep electrical wires and charging cords out of reach or use cord protectors to prevent chewing hazards.

Remove toxic plants: Identify and remove any potentially harmful plants from your home and garden to avoid accidental ingestion.

Use baby gates:  Install baby gates to restrict access to certain areas, such as staircases, kitchens, or rooms with hazards.

Store chemicals safely: Ensure cleaning supplies, medications, and other harmful substances are stored in secure cabinets or out of reach.

Secure trash cans:  Use lidded trash cans or store them behind closed doors to prevent your puppy from scavenging and ingesting dangerous items.

Clear choking hazards: Remove small objects, such as children's toys, batteries, and loose change, from floors and low surfaces.

Cover outlets:  Use outlet covers to prevent curious puppies from sticking their noses or paws into electrical sockets.

Provide a designated puppy area:  Create a comfortable space with a bed, toys, and water to give your puppy a secure area to relax and play.

Check furniture and appliances:  Block off gaps behind or under furniture and appliances to prevent your puppy from getting stuck or injured.

Evaluate outdoor spaces: Secure your yard with proper fencing, remove dangerous tools or chemicals, and ensure there are no escape routes.