Part 3

See The Maltipoo Puppy

With a sweet puppy face, beautiful dark round expressive eyes, an adorable dark button nose, and endearing floppy ears,

the Maltipoo is one of the most sought-after doodle puppies and it’s easy to see why.

These dogs appear joyful and friendly, and their attitude inspires affection.

Their step is bouncy and they always seem ready for a cuddle and a friendly chase.  

The Maltipoo coat is hypoallergenic,  low–shedding, and has a fluffy soft wool-like texture,

varies in length from medium to long, and in appearance from slightly wavy to curly.

The coat can have different colors such as cream, white, black, brown, chocolate, red, apricot, and silver, or combinations of these and other colors.

With their cuddly puppy-like looks and happy demeanor, the Maltipoos are truly gorgeous companion pets for any lucky family. 

These delightful forever-young toy breed dogs also retain their puppy-like appearance well into their teen years.