The Havachon puppy

They are a designer breed, created by crossing a Havanese with a Bichon Frise.

Havachons thrive on socializing in dog parks, going on long walks, playing fetch, doing flyball, visiting the beach, and taking short hikes.

The Havachon can provide comfort and companionship for allergy sufferers, without having to worry about triggering their allergies or constantly cleaning up dog hair.

 With a Havachon in your home, boredom is not an issue.

These dogs are also very fond of playing sports, games, and chewing on toys.

They love to cuddle and entertain, and they enjoy making friends.

They have a sweet nature and are known for their bursts of energetic joy.

Havachons are a playful and affectionate breed of dog known for their outgoing personalities and love for fun.