The Mini Irish Doodle puppy

The Mini Irish Doodle puppies, a mix of an Irish Setter and a Miniature Poodle, are the ultimate package of adventure, fun and sweetness. 

These sunny pups exude joy with every paw step and are sure to fill your life with love and friendship. 

They are the unique combination of intelligence, hypoallergenic and perfection, making them one of the best designer breeds to have by your side.

Their looks are cuddly and glamorous, and their disposition is caring and happy. 

They are perfect for families, singles, seniors and novice owners who are looking for a companion that is both smart and adorable. 

They are great with children, and enjoy playing and cuddling with them. 

Mini Irish Doodle puppies are a bundle of love and fun, that will bring joy and entertainment to any household. 

With their wagging tails, they are guaranteed to bring happiness and laughter to anyone's life.