The Mini Sheepadoodle puppy

Mini Sheepadoodles, a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, are the epitome of kindness, cuddliness, merriment, and gentleness. 

These sweethearts are generous in affection, attentive, obedient, and love to impress their human family with their antics

With their delightful personalities and a bit of a wild side, Mini Sheepadoodles are "live in the moment" types of dogs.

These brilliant and easy to train pups enjoy canine sports and games, and they are always ready for an adventure. 

They are fluffy, cuddly and gorgeous, with a small size and an average weight between 25 and 45 pounds,

and an average height between 15 to 20 inches. 

They are perfect for families, singles, seniors, and novice owners looking for a small, loving and adventurous companion. 

The fabulous Mini Sheepadoodle puppies will bring joy, laughter, and entertainment to any household.