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What to consider when buying a puppy?

Consider the breed of puppy you want to buy and ensure it fits your lifestyle.

Look for a reputable breeder who prioritizes the health and well-being of their puppies.

Check the puppy's medical records and ensure they have received appropriate vaccinations and check-ups.

Meet the puppy's parents or at least one of them to assess their temperament and behavior.

Take the time to interact with the puppy and observe their behavior and personality.

Ensure that the puppy has been socialized properly and exposed to different environments and situations.

Ask the breeder about the puppy's diet and nutrition requirements to ensure they are being fed a healthy and balanced diet.

Find out about any potential hereditary health issues related to the breed and ask if the puppy's parents have been tested.

Consider the cost of owning a puppy, including food, veterinary care, and grooming expenses.

Prepare your home for the puppy's arrival by creating a safe and comfortable environment for them to live in.