Will they let your dog in at doggy daycare?

Taking your dog to daycare is a great option, especially if you spend long hours away from home. 

In dog daycare, your dog can play, exercise, interact with other dogs, and nap, all while being supervised by a care specialist. 

Doggy daycare is a great place for dogs, but not all dogs are eligible for it. 

Here are a few things to know before deciding to take your dog to daycare.

1. If your dog is aggressive, he won’t be allowed in at doggy daycare.

2. Your dog must be healthy.

Doggy daycare won’t risk taking in sick dogs as they can endanger the health of the other dogs.

3. Puppies younger than 5 months are not eligible for doggy daycare.

4. Your dog must be friendly with other dogs otherwise he won't be granted access to daycare.

5. Most importantly, your dog must be up to date on all vaccinations.

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