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Havachon  puppies for sale in Ohio

The Havanese Bichon mix is a unique designer breed that combines the charm and intelligence of a Havanese with the gentle nature and playful personality of a Bichon Frise.

Ohio Havachon  Breeders

At Premier Pups, we work hard to give every puppy the best possible care. Veterinarians examine and treat each puppy before they are placed with a loving family, ensuring that all our pets grow up healthy and happy.

Mini Labradoodle  puppies for sale in Ohio

Mini Labradoodles are the perfect companion for anyone looking for a loyal and loving friend. They are highly intelligent, energetic, and affectionate, making them ideal pets for older people or families with children.

Ohio Mini Labradoodle  Breeders

We are committed to producing only the finest puppies. Our goal is to ensure that every Mini Labradoodle puppy we breed is happy, healthy, and ready to join their new forever home.

French Bulldog puppies for sale in Ohio

French Bulldogs are a beloved pet choice for many in the United States. Their playful yet loyal personalities make them great companions for those looking for a dependable companion to keep them company at home or on their travels.

Ohio French Bulldogs Breeders

We are devoted to providing you with a healthy and well-socialized French Bulldog puppy. We breed only the best-tempered dogs to produce puppies that are ready for a loving home. Each puppy is carefully nurtured from birth so that he or she grows into a balanced and happy dog.

Poodle puppies for sale in Ohio

Poodles are a unique breed of dog that is known for their intelligence and trainability. They can be taught to perform a wide variety of tricks, from herding and hunting to performing in shows.

Ohio Poodle Breeders

We breed our puppies to be healthy and well-behaved. We put the needs of the pet first, so when you adopt a new member of your family you will get the highest-quality pet.

Poochon  puppies for sale in ohio

The Poochon is a hybrid breed that brings the best of both worlds - the intelligence and agility of the Poodle combined with the friendliness and gentleness of the Bichon Frise.

Ohio Poochon  Breeders

Premier Pups takes pride in the pets that we deliver to you. Each puppy is born and raised in a loving environment that encourages social grooming and good health practices. From the moment you bring your new puppy home, it will live with you as a true family member.