The Magnificent French Bulldog

French bulldogs are fashionable companion pets, comedic stunt artists, and fabulous babysitters.

Some of their hobbies include rolling on Rumba’s, napping while standing, and stalking their pet parents.

They’re small, bright, goofy, easygoing, well-mannered, and non-aggressive, and thanks to all of their great qualities, they ranked second place in the dog popularity “contest” of 2020.

They’ve been around for about 200 years, and in that time, they hardly ever had any competition when it comes to pet popularity. 

 People love them for their fun personality, calm temperament, and sweet nature.

They can be trained fairly easily, they’re more than comfortable in micro-apartments, they love deeply, and they are absolutely gorgeous.

The French Bulldog is a loyal and highly affectionate dog, and whether you need it or not, he will give you all of his unconditional love and attention.

 You can try leaving the room without him and you might even succeed, but just know that even while he is napping, his eye is on you. French Bulldogs take affection to a whole new level.

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