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How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog? A Comprehensive Guide

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog? - Premier Pups Guide
Published Friday, June 23, 2023 by Premier Pups Team

Bathing our furry friends is an essential part of pet care, but it's not as straightforward as it might seem. Unlike us, dogs have different needs when it comes to keeping clean. Their skin, lifestyle, and even their mood can dictate how often they need a bath.

If you're new to dog ownership, you might find our Grooming your Dog at Home Guide helpful. This guide will also help you understand how to bathe a dog that hates water and how to wash a dog at home.

golden retriever running towards water during daytimeIf you're new to dog ownership, you might find our Grooming your Dog at Home Guide helpful. 

What is a Dog Bath? Understanding the Dog Bathing Process

close-up of a dog's wet fur being rinsedA dog bath is a special time for our furry companions. It's similar to our bath time, but with a few twists. We use warm water and a special soap known as doggy shampoo. This shampoo is designed specifically for dogs, helping to remove dirt from their fur and leaving them smelling wonderfully fresh. It's a key part of keeping our dogs clean and healthy. 

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog? Guidelines for Dog Bathing Frequency

dog owner carefully applying dog-specific shampoo to their dog

Most dogs are okay with a bath once a month. But like everything else, there are exceptions. Some dogs might need a bath more often, while others might need it less frequently. It all depends on their breed, their lifestyle, and their skin condition.

For instance, if you have a short-haired dog, you might wonder, 'How often should you bathe a short-haired dog?' The answer can vary based on the dog's lifestyle and skin condition.

Factors Affecting Dog Bath Frequency: Breed, Size, and Lifestyle

two happy dogs in a pool on a summer day

Just like how some of our younger friends might get dirty faster than others at the playground, some dogs might need baths more often. It depends on their fur, their size, and how much they play outside.

Here are some factors that can affect how often your dog needs a bath: breed, size, lifestyle, and skin conditions. For example, if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, you might need to give your dog a bath more often.

  • Breed: Some breeds have oily coats that can get dirty quickly, while others have dry coats that don't need to be washed as often. 
  • Size: Larger dogs tend to get dirtier faster than smaller dogs, especially if they spend a lot of time outside. 
  • Lifestyle: Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors or have a high activity level may need more frequent baths. 
  • Skin Conditions: Dogs with skin conditions like allergies or dry skin may need special bathing schedules. 

Creating a Dog Bath Schedule: Keeping Your Dog Clean and Healthy

happy dog enjoying a sunny day swimCreating a bath schedule for your dog can help keep them clean and healthy. Here's a simple schedule you can follow: 

  • Regular Dogs: Once a month. This is a good starting point for most dogs. However, you might need to adjust this based on your dog's needs. 
  • Active Dogs: Every week or two. Active dogs tend to get dirty faster, so they might need more frequent baths. 
  • Dogs with Allergies: Every week or two. Dogs with allergies need more frequent baths to help soothe their skin and wash away allergens. 
  • Dogs with Dry Skin: Every other week. Dogs with dry skin need baths that are gentle and moisturizing, so they don't lose any more moisture from their skin. 

Remember, this is just a guide. Your dog's bath schedule can change based on their needs. Always pay attention to your dog's skin and coat condition to determine the best bath schedule for them. 

Special Cases: Bathing Dogs with Allergies and Dry Skin - A Guide to Dog Bathing for Special Conditions

playful dog splashing water

 Some dogs need extra care when it comes to bathing. Dogs with allergies may need weekly baths with hypoallergenic shampoo to wash away irritants. Thorough rinsing is key to preventing further itching. 

Dogs with dry skin may require baths every other week with a moisturizing shampoo. This helps keep their skin from getting too dry. As with allergic dogs, thorough rinsing is crucial. 

Tips for a Successful Dog Bath 

wet dog after a swim  
Bath time can be fun if we do it right. Here are some tips to make your dog's bath time a splash: 

  1. Use warm water, not too hot or cold. Just like how you wouldn't like a bath that's too hot or too cold, your dog wouldn't either. Warm water is just right for making bath time comfortable for your dog. 
  2. Use a doggy shampoo, not the one for humans. Doggy shampoo is specially made for dogs' skin. It helps clean your dog without drying out their skin. Remember, human shampoo can be too harsh for your dog. 
  3. Make sure to rinse all the soap off. Any leftover soap can make your dog itchy. So, make sure to rinse your dog thoroughly. It's like when you rinse your hair to make sure all the shampoo is out. 
  4. Give your dog a treat after the bath. This makes bath time something to look forward to. Your dog will know they did a good job and get a yummy reward. 

For more detailed instructions on how to give your new puppy a bath, check out our guide on The Right Way to Give Your New Puppy A Bathe 


close-up of a dog's wet fur being brushed and dried after bath

Bathing your dog is a special time to bond and keep them healthy. Remember, every dog is unique, so their bath schedule will be too. Whether it's once a month or every week, the key is to make bath time a positive, loving experience. So, keep up the good work, and your furry friend will surely thank you with lots of wagging tails and happy barks.  
If you're preparing for a new puppy, don't forget to check out our New Puppy Checklist: Essential Supplies and Resources (2023) to make sure you're fully prepared. 

Scroll down to see FAQs about bathing your dog!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you bathe your dog? Most dogs need a bath once a month. However, this can vary based on the dog's breed, lifestyle, and skin condition.

How often should you give your dog a bath if they spend a lot of time outdoors? Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors may need a bath more often, possibly every week or two, as they're more likely to get dirty.

How often should you bath your dog if they have short, thin fur? Dogs with short, thin fur might need a bath less often, possibly once every six weeks to two months.

How often should you bathe your dog with allergies? Dogs with allergies might need a bath every week or two to help wash away allergens that can cause them to itch.

How often should you bathe your dog with dry skin? Dogs with dry skin might need a bath every other week with a special moisturizing shampoo to help keep their skin from getting too dry.

What happens if you bathe your dog too often? Bathing your dog too often can strip away the natural oils in their skin, causing it to become dry and itchy.

What happens if you don't bathe your dog often enough? If you don't bathe your dog often enough, they can start to smell, and dirt and oils can build -up on their skin, causing it to become irritated.

What should you use to bathe your dog? You should use warm water and a doggy shampoo to bathe your dog. Human shampoo can be too harsh for your dog's skin.