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At Premier Pups we strive to deliver the nation’s premier puppy adoption experience. We appreciate and celebrate the difference our puppies can make in the quality of one’s life.

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Small Breed Puppies for Sale

Puppy Breed Categories

Designer Breeds Puppies For Sale Premier Pups

All Designer Breeds

Welcome to Premier Pups’ beautiful selection of designer puppies for sale. Each designer puppy in our gallery is meticulously bred from health-tested, purebred parents with lineages tracing back generations. This ensures prime health, breath-taking looks, and balanced temperaments. Additionally, all our adorable designer puppies come with an industry-leading 10-year health guarantee to further solidify our promise to quality and our commitment to our designer puppies’ future families. Scroll down to see more information and FAQs about our lovely, family-raised designer puppies.

Doodle Breeds Puppies For Sale Premier Pups

All Doodle Breeds

Welcome to Premier Pups’ exclusive gallery of doodle puppies for sale. Each of our doodle puppies is a testament to the love, dedication, and passion we put in their upbringing. Raised with an uncompromising commitment to their well-being, our puppies exemplify the essence of the Doodle breeds — affectionate, often hypoallergenic, intelligent, and radiant with charm. Our confidence in their health and vitality is underscored by our industry-leading 10-year health guarantee. Scroll down for more information and FAQs about our doodle puppies for sale.

Purebred Breeds Puppies For Sale Premier Pups

All Purebred Breeds

At Premier Pups, we unite you with more than just a pet—each of our purebred puppies is a testament to superior breeding. They come with a 10-year health guarantee, promising a decade of devotion. Hand-selected from the finest reputable purebred breeders, our puppies are celebrated for their impeccable lineage and captivating personalities. Experience the purebred difference that makes these puppies a beloved choice for families: unwavering loyalty, distinguished traits, and a companion that truly complements your life. Scroll down for FAQs and more information about our happy and healthy purebred puppies.

Most Popular Designer Puppy Breeds

Morkie Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Partnered with our Nation's top Morkie Breeders, Premier Pups offers the cutest Morkie puppies for sale. Toy & Teacup Morkie puppies for sale nationwide. Morkies are adorable, fun, playful, and feisty little fluffballs. They love playtime as much as cuddle time, thrive on attention, and enjoy being spoiled. Sweet, affectionate, devoted, and family oriented, Morkie puppies were bred to love and to be loved. Intelligent, loyal, and spirited, the Morkie has a big personality beautifully wrapped in a stunningly cute little body. These feisty little toy dogs max out at 9 inches tall and weigh and average of 5 pounds. The Morkie is a designer dog – a cross between a purebred Maltese and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

Teddy Bear Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear puppies are entertaining, outgoing, cuddly, and affectionate. Their calm temperament and eager-to-please personality are just some of the many traits that make the Teddy Bear pup a truly wonderful addition to any family. Truly a teddy bear in appearance, the Teddy Bear’s hypoallergenic coat is soft and fluffy and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors. The Teddy Bear puppies for sale are a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Maltese (Teddy Bear Mal-Shi) or a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise (Teddy Bear Shichon). A designer hybrid, the Teddy Bear dog embodies the small size of the Shih Tzu averaging in weight between 6-14 lbs and height between 9-12 in.

Aussiechon Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Charming, clever, affectionate, and playful, the Aussiechon is one of the most popular designer breeds in the United States. Aussiechons are lively, outgoing, and highly social pups. They are huge fans of dog parks and make fast friends with everyone they meet. With a cheerful nature and an infectious good mood, Aussiechons can light up any room. Aussiechon puppies are fun-loving, cheerful little things. They are fluffy and cuddly; they enjoy playtime and snuggles and are very easy to train. Aussiechons are adorable and small. They have an average weight between 8 and 20 pounds and an average height between 10 to 18 inches. Aussiechon puppies are a mix between a Miniature Australian Shepherd and a Bichon Frise.

Havachon Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


The Havachons are sweet-natured, sassy, playful, and fun dogs known for their spontaneous bursts of bouncy joy and unconditional love. These pups love to cuddle, entertain, and make friends, and they are very fond of canine sports, games, and chew toys. With a Havachon around, boredom is not on the table. These fun pups exude a positive energy that brings on a desire for adventure. Socializing in dog parks, long walks, games of fetch, flyball, trips to the beach, and short hikes are what they crave and ask of their pet parents. The charming Havachons are a designer breed, a cross between a Havanese and a Bichon Frise.

Most Popular Doodle Puppy Breeds

Cavapoo Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Partnered with the nation’s top Cavapoo breeders, Premier Pups offers the best Cavapoo puppies for adoption. Hypoallergenic Cavapoos, Toy and Mini Cavapoo pups are ideal for families with children, city apartment life, senior families, new pet owners, and future pet parents who suffer from dog-related allergies. Our Cavapoo puppies are a designer doodle breed, a mix between a purebred Cavalier King Charles spaniel crossed with a Mini or Toy Poodle. They are small, cuddly, and very loyal to their pet parents. Cavapoos also inherit the small size of their parents and their most charming traits. They are not only the cutest and most adorable puppies, but they also come with the Poodle’s keen intelligence and the Cavalier’s sweet nature.

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups

Mini Aussiedoodle

Mini Aussiedoodle puppies for sale from the nation’s top Mini Aussiedoodle breeders at Premier Pups. Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are a doodle breed, a mix of a Mini Australian Shepherd crossed with a Mini Poodle. Like their parents, the Mini Aussiedoodle puppies are among the smartest dogs in the world. They train easily and are always eager to please their owner. They are also adventurous, gorgeous in every way, and sweet. F1 Mini Aussiedoodles are a half and half mix of a Poodle and a Mini Aussie – they come with Mini Aussie features and excellent health. F1b Mini Aussiedoodles are 75% Poodle and 25% Mini Aussie – these puppies have excellent hypoallergenic qualities and a very small stature.

Mini Goldendoodle Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups

Mini Goldendoodle

Premier Pups offers the best variety of Mini Goldendoodle puppies for sale. F1, F1b Mini Goldendoodle & F1b Toy Goldendoodle puppies for sale available. Small, happy, with a bit of spunk and a great deal of love to give, the Mini Goldendoodle puppy makes for a perfect little companion pet. Mini Goldendoodles are joyful dogs that love cuddles, adventures, and most importantly, their humans. One of the favorite doodle dogs in America, the Mini Goldendoodle is a cross of a Mini Poodle and a Golden Retriever. These cute puppies inherit all the best qualities their parents have to offer.

Maltipoo Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Premier Pups offers the cutest Maltipoo puppies for sale from top Maltipoo Breeders in the country. Teacup Maltipoo and Maltipoo puppies for sale near you. A cross between the loving and joyful Maltese and the clever and agile Poodle, the Maltipoo is one of the most popular designer dogs in the country. Checking all the boxes for brains, looks, and personality, the Maltipoo puppy can turn any house into a happy home. This Maltese Poodle mix is affectionate, fun, easy to train, and even easier to love. Puffy like a cloud, friendly, loving, playful, and brilliant, the Maltipoos are certainly as gorgeous in appearance as they are in personality.

Most Popular Purebred Puppy Breeds

Pomeranian Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Premier Pups offers the best Pomeranian puppies for sale from the nation's Top Pomeranian Breeders. Toy and Teacup Pomeranian puppies for sale nationwide. Pomeranian puppies are as calm, cuddly and affectionate as they are active, playful and independent. Ranked as one of the most popular breeds in the United States for over 30 years, the Pomeranian merits its fame to its big heart, agile mindset and colorful personality. The Pomeranian is a tiny toy- sized dog with an average height between 8 to 11 inches and an average weight between 4 to 7 pounds.

French Bulldog Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog (Frenchie) is a handsome, cheerful and affectionate little dog who loves belly rubs and cuddles, games and stunts, and who thrives on human interaction. Goofy, sweet, free-spirited and joyful, the French Bulldog is a natural born comedian who will gladly fill the house with giggles and laughter. Built like Batman, the French Bulldog has a strong confident demeanor, a well-proportioned muscular body, round dark eyes, large upright bat ears and a smooth fine coat. Small in stature, the uniquely charming French Bulldog has an average height between 11 to 13 inches and an average weight between 22 to 28 pounds.

Poodle Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Elegant and fancy, highly trainable, playful, exceedingly clever, loyal and affectionate beyond measure, the Poodle is among the top 5 most popular breeds in the world and it’s easy to understand why. Poodles are joyful, lively, eager to please dogs, they are adventurous, kind, family-oriented pups who love hiking, swimming, canine games and sports and any and all family activities. Poodle puppies are merry and bouncy little marshmallows, they are cuddly and sweet, they love running around, playing, making friends and they are very enthusiastic learners. The Poodle breed is divided into 3 recognized categories: Toy Poodle; Mini Poodle; Standard Poodle; and although they differ in size, one thing is for sure: they are glamorous companion pets.

Havanese Puppy For Sale - Premier Pups


Discover available Havanese puppies for sale from our nation's top Havanese Breeders. Hypoallergenic Toy & Teacup Havanese puppies for sale nationwide. Havanese puppies are happy, clever, and sweet dogs equipped with sharp intelligence and an affectionate nature. Their need to be the center of attention and their love for entertainment will have the Havanese dog perform tricks in exchange for laughs and treats. A member of the Toy group, the Havanese breed is small in stature, with an average weight between 7 to 13 pounds and an average height between 9 to 12 inches.

99% of Breeding Parents OFA Certified

OFA testing is an essential component of responsible dog breeding practices. It provides valuable insights into the orthopedic health of breeding dogs, allowing breeders to make informed decisions to improve the well-being of their individual dogs and the overall health of the breed. These tests contribute to the prevention and mitigation of hereditary conditions, promoting a healthier and more resilient canine population.

Puppy Parents with Certification Puppy Parents with CERTIFICATION

Puppies with a guarantee Puppies with a GUARANTEE

10 Year Health Guarantee

The health of your new family member is our primary concern. We take all necessary precautions from vet inspection of our pups to their parents requirement to pass annual exams. If there’s something undiscoverable at 8 weeks of age that later comes up as hereditary or congenital, you’re covered. We stand behind our pups with up to a 10 Year guarantee.

Lab Testing

Pre-Screen Puppy Blood Evaluation: Maximum peace of mind with the chemistry evaluation test; the chemistry evaluation allows for a thorough look at the puppies organ function, which helps detect mainly issues with liver and kidney function. This initial bloodwork can offer insight on the health of your puppy at a fraction of the rate your local vet would charge. Detecting issues with organ function is impossible at a normal vet physical. Know your pup’s baseline and start off with maximum peace of mind with the Chemistry Evaluation test.

Nationwide Puppy Delivery Options

Pro Stop Ground Delivery: Our professional delivery team will bring your new puppy via our first-class in-person delivery service. Let our trained staff travel with and care for your new family member.

Airport Delivery: Your puppy will fly in comfort via commercial airline transportation. Our experienced travel team will coordinate the best flight possible for your little fur baby.

Customer Pickup Experience

We welcome any customers to come and visit our home in Central Ohio. At Premier Pups We can’t wait to see the excitement and happiness every puppy brings to their new owner. Our staff will make sure you are comfortable and prepared to take your puppy to their forever home.

Customer Photos

Premier Pups-instagram

Premier Pups provides updated content daily of all our family members across the country. Remember to tag @premier.pups in stories, photos and reels for a feature on our page. We love to highlight our fur babies from our loving families for everyone to enjoy. Follow us on our Instagram page today!

Cavapoo Being Cute Cavapoo Pup Energetic Shit Designer Pup Morkie Pup Sweet Cavapoo Pup in Cavapoo Being Cute Mini Goldendoodle Being Cute Fluffy Cavapoo Poodle Mix Pup Small Pomsky Pup

Post photos of your puppy as it grows! Premier Pups and our network of trusted breeders love receiving updated photos of the puppies. Posted pictures will appear in the puppy photo gallery and breed information page for everyone to enjoy.

Customer Reviews

** Discounts subject to approval and are subject to change at any time. Maximum available discount is 10%. Discounts may not be available in all states. Renewals are not eligible for this promotion. Not valid with any other offer. This offer is subject to change at any time without notice. All coverage and limit options may not be available to all customers and are subject to underwriting approval. Exam fees based on average costs. Televet may not be available in all states.

Breeders with integrity Breeders with INTEGRITY

Our breeder partners are our allies in serving the interests of our clients in bringing to market the highest quality puppies available. We seek breeder partnerships that share our concern for social responsibility and the environment. We have a zero tolerance for substandard breeders.

Breeders with commitment Breeders with COMMITMENT

Developing long-term, personal relationships with breeders means we can work closely with the people, who raise the puppies we provide. We frequently visit our breeders to ensure our puppies and the practices used to raise them are always improving. With our breeders, their pets and pups are their main focus and priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there local puppy sales near me? Yes, we offer nationwide delivery, so no matter where you are, you can get a puppy from Premier Pups.

What makes our dog breeders unique in the puppy sales industry? Our dog breeders aren't just professionals; they are passionate about their work. Each breeder ensures the puppies are from parents with excellent genetic traits.

How do we select breeders for dogs? We select breeders for dogs who are dedicated to improving breed standards. They meticulously match dogs to ensure high-quality, healthy puppies.

What is the smallest dog breed available at our store? We offer various small breeds, including teacup Maltipoos, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians, known as some of the smallest dog breeds globally.

What should I expect when ordering a puppy from our nationwide "puppy sales near me" service? Expect a simple ordering process, timely nationwide delivery, and the peace of mind of a 10-year health guarantee on your new puppy.

What steps do we take to ensure the health and well-being of our puppies? We work closely with dedicated, professional dog breeders who utilize premium quality health screening practices. Each puppy is guaranteed a 10-year health plan that underscores our commitment to their longevity.

Why is it important to choose a puppy from registered dog breeders? Choosing a puppy from registered breeders helps to ensure that your new pet is healthy, well-socialized, and has been bred responsibly.

How do you make sure your puppies are healthy? Our partnership with professional, passionate dog breeders who use advanced health screening practices helps us ensure the wellbeing of our puppies.

Should I go for a purebred or a designer puppy? What's the difference? Purebred puppies have predictable traits in terms of size, temperament, and potential health risks. Designer puppies can offer the best of two breeds. Either way, we can help guide you to choose the perfect fit based on your lifestyle.

Can you tell me more about your 10-year health guarantee? Our 10-year health guarantee shows how confident we are in our breeding practices. It's designed to cover any genetic disorders, giving you peace of mind when you adopt from us.

Do your puppies get to play with other dogs and people before I bring them home? Yes, all our puppies are raised in nurturing environments, where they can play and socialize with other dogs and humans. This helps them to become well-adjusted adults.

After I buy a puppy, can you give me some advice on training? Yes, we offer comprehensive support for all new puppy parents, including advice on training, behavior management, and general care.

How do you choose which dogs to breed? We select parent dogs based on their health, temperament, breed standards, and excellent genetic traits. This ensures that we breed only the highest quality puppies.

How do you make sure puppies are safe and healthy during delivery? We follow strict protocols during nationwide delivery, ensuring your puppy arrives in excellent health, safe, and ready to become part of your family.

I want to adopt a puppy. What is the process? Our puppy adoption process is designed to ensure the best match between the puppy and the owner. We provide full guidance and make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

What does it mean when a puppy is AKC registered? An AKC registered puppy means the pup is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed standard. This registration provides reassurance about the puppy's lineage and health.

What are your dog breeding standards? Our dog breeding standards align with the best industry practices. We choose parent dogs based on their health, temperament, and excellent genetic traits. This ensures we breed high-quality, healthy puppies.

How do you select your dog breeders? We choose our dog breeders based on their dedication to animal welfare, ethical breeding practices, expertise, and experience. We only partner with breeders who share our commitment to breeding healthy, happy puppies.

What sets your breeders apart from others? Our breeders prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies above all. They follow stringent breeding protocols, ensuring each puppy is carefully bred from parents with the best genetic traits. Our breeders are also passionate dog lovers who have been pet parents long before they became certified dog breeders.

How can I be sure the puppies come from reputable breeders? We hold our dog breeders to rigorous standards. Each breeder we work with is thoroughly vetted to ensure they uphold our values of responsible, ethical, and professional dog breeding.

How does the puppy sales process work? Our puppy sales process is designed to be seamless and transparent. Once you choose your puppy, we guide you through every step, including payment, financing options, preparation for your puppy's arrival, and delivery arrangements.

Are there any warranties or guarantees with your puppy sales? Yes, we offer an unmatched 10-year health guarantee on all our puppies. We stand behind our breeders and the puppies we offer, ensuring you're getting a healthy, well-bred pet.

What type of veterinary care do the puppies receive before sale? Prior to sale, our puppies receive comprehensive veterinary care including vaccinations, de-worming, and thorough nose-to-tail health checks to ensure they are in perfect health when they arrive at their new homes.

Are your dog breeders knowledgeable about breed-specific health issues? Absolutely, our breeders are experts in breed-specific health issues and ensure parent dogs are screened for these conditions to minimize health risks.

Are there any hidden fees in your puppy sales process? No, we uphold a policy of full transparency in our sales process. Any costs associated with your puppy purchase will be clearly outlined and discussed with you.

How do your breeders ensure the puppies are mentally and physically healthy before they are sold? Our breeders perform regular health checks and provide a stimulating environment for the puppies to ensure they are mentally and physically healthy.

How can I trust that your puppy sales are legitimate? Our business operates with transparency and integrity. We offer a 10-year health guarantee for all our puppies, provide all necessary paperwork, and ensure you meet your puppy before finalizing the purchase.

Do you offer post-sale support and advice? Yes, we offer ongoing support and advice even after the puppy sale, ensuring you have all the help you need as your puppy grows.

Do your breeders specialize in any rare or unique dog breeds? Our network of breeders includes specialists in various breeds, including some that are considered rare or unique. We encourage you to reach out to us with your specific needs or interests.