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Poodle Breed Information

Elegant and fancy, highly trainable, playful, exceedingly clever, loyal, and affectionate beyond measure, the Poodle is among the top 5 most popular breeds in the world and it’s easy to understand why. Poodles are joyful, lively, eager to please dogs, they are adventurous, kind, family-oriented pups who love hiking, swimming, canine games, sports and any, and all, family activities. Poodle puppies are merry and bouncy little marshmallows. They are cuddly and sweet pups who love running around, playing, making friends and are very enthusiastic learners.  The Poodle breed is divided into 3 recognized categories: Toy Poodle; Mini Poodle; Standard Poodle; and although they differ in size, one thing is for sure: they are glamorous companion pets. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Purebred ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Accomodating TEMPERAMENT Cheerful, Intelligent, Lively, Loyal, Playful ADULT WEIGHT Toy 4-6 lbs, Mini 10-12 lbs ADULT HEIGHT Toy 6-8 in, Mini 12-14 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs

Poodle Characteristics

  • Poodles don’t shed and are considered hypoallergenic dogs
  • The Poodle breed is classified as the second most intelligent dog breed  
  • With an agile mindset and an athletic body, the Poodle excels at canine sports
  • Poodles are comfortable in both hot and cold climates
  • Poodle puppies are among the most trainable puppies in the world - they love challenges and are easy to housebreak
  • Highly adaptable – Poodle dogs and Poodle puppies are known to quickly adapt in small apartments as well as big homes
  • Poodles have a long lifespan of 10 to 18 years
  • Kind, gentle, friendly, and non-aggressive, the Poodle is best suited for families with or without children, singles, and seniors
  • Poodles make excellent watchdogs, although they are not overly vocal, they will announce when a visitor is approaching
  • Eager to please, affectionate, and receptive, the Poodle and Poodle puppy is a great companion for first time pet owners
  • Poodles are famous for retaining their forever-young looks and playful personalities well into their teen years
  • Receptive to human emotions, with a positive energy, and a loving devoted nature, the Poodle is a wonderful therapy dog 

Poodle Breeders

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Here at Premier Pups, we work hand-in-hand with our breeders. It truly takes a special breeder to assist with nourishing and raising a Poodle puppy properly. The footage produced in our videos is 100% real. We directly take un-staged, unedited, and only authentic scenes at our breeder locations. We only align ourselves with Poodle breeders whose standards are much higher than the rest. Like people, the most critical moments in a puppy's life starts in the beginning. Providing a safe, natural, comfortable, and healthy environment for the nursing mother and her baby is essential. Only the nation's best Poodle breeders can provide the best quality of life. We spend consistent on-site time with our selected breeders and can undoubtedly say that our puppies come from a caring environment.

Poodle Appearance

With their heads held high, a graceful posture and an elegant demeanor, the Poodles are truly glamorous in appearance.  The Miniature Poodle is small in stature with an average weight between 10 and 12 pounds and an average height between 12 to 14 inches. Mini Poodles have a well-proportioned square built muscular body, a long straight muzzle, dark oval-shaped eyes, feathered floppy ears, and a straight tail carried up. The Mini Poodle eyes and nose color may vary based on coat color.  The hypoallergenic non-shedding Mini Poodle coat is soft, curly, and luxurious and can come in a variety of colors such as white, black, gray, beige, cream, brown, apricot, red, blue, silver, silver beige, or various shades of the same colors. Strong and agile with an elegant and graceful posture, the Mini Poodle (and the Mini Poodle puppy) has an impressive reputation in both the canine sport field and the canine show ring.  

Poodle Temperament

Poodles are friendly, easy-going, playful dogs. They are known to be gentle around children of all ages, accepting of cats, dogs, and other household pets and friendly towards strangers.  

Poodles are considered to be highly receptive and attentive since early puppyhood – combining their sharp minds with their eagerness to learn and please, Poodle puppies are amongst the most trainable pups in the world.  
The Poodles have an adventurous, lively spirit, they love the outdoors where they can go on long strolls with their human family, run, swim, hike, play, and socialize. The Poodle is without a doubt a most wonderful adventure companion. Playful and eager to have fun, the Poodle greatly enjoys playtime with kids and teens as well as with adults whether it’s with a game of fetch, chase, Frisbee, hide’n’seek or a mentally stimulating canine puzzle game. When playtime is over, their peaceful and affectionate nature kicks in and the Poodles (or the Poodle puppies) are more than happy to partake in a relaxing cuddle session on the couch with their human family.  

Although the Poodles check all the boxes with their sharp intelligence, fun loving personality and friendly nature, they have one more skill and strength to impress with: Poodles excel at canine sports such as rally, tracking, obedience, flyball, and agility.  Truly fabulous in body, mind and spirit, the Poodle is a remarkable companion pet. 

Poodle Reviews

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Poodle Insights

7 Things You Didn't Know About Poodles

Poodles have been around for thousands of years and in that time, they traveled the world many times over gathering admirers among kings, noblemen, court-ladies, pharaohs, and common folk. With more impressive jobs like military canine soldiers, hunters, guardians, circus performers, therapy dogs, fashionistas, and retrievers, Poodles have done it all and their resume reads like a War and Peace book.  

Stylish, friendly, loyal, fun-loving, agile, and with an Einstein IQ, Poodles check...

All Poodle Insights

Poodle History

The National dog of France, and a member of the canine world aristocracy, the Poodle is an old and versatile dog breed with a history full of achievements.  The elegant Poodle dogs and Poodle puppies have been depicted in paintings and literature around the world, in ancient Egyptian carvings (dating as far back as the first centuries B.C), in French poetry, and on ancient Greek coins and artifacts from the Roman Empire.  The Poodles are said to have originated centuries ago in Germany where they were used as retrieving water dogs and duck hunters. Poodles were given the German name “Pudelin” which means splash in the water. The signature Poodle look (that is now displayed in the show ring) – trimmed with pom poms – had an important role in the duck hunting days of the Poodle. The trim was meant to aid in speed and the pom poms to protect from injury and keep warm.

During war time, used to the sound of gunfire from their duck hunting days, the Poodles were enlisted in the German military as working dogs and soon traveled to France alongside German soldiers. Once the war was over, having proven to be excellent military dogs, the Poodle dogs and Poodle puppies moved on to building up their reputation as hunters, retrievers, herders, and show dogs. The French Circus became so fascinated with the agile and highly trainable Poodle dogs that they began breeding them down in size to make it easier to handle and transport them when traveling with the circus. The Miniature Poodles, who quickly rose to fame as cinematic stars, truffle hunters, and show dogs became highly popular wherever they went and soon found favor among the nobles and aristocrats across the United States and Europe (Winston Churchill had two Mini Poodles). The French elite further bred the Poodle breed down in size to a Toy Poodle who would know instant fame as an adorable tiny lapdog. 

The Poodle Breed is now divided into three categories: the Toy Poodle; the Miniature Poodle; the Standard Poodle. 
 The Toy Poodle has an average height between 8 to 10 inches and an average weight between 6 and 9 pounds. The Toy Poodle is famous for being a cuddly and affectionate lap dog raised in the lap of luxury.  
The Miniature Poodle has an average height between 12 to 14 inches and an average weight between 10 and 12 pounds. Mini Poodles are famous for being excellent truffle hunters and sweet companion pets.  
The Standard Poodle has an average height between 15 to 20+ inches and an average weight between 30 and 70 pounds. The Standard Poodle is famous for being a duck hunter, a circus performer and a show dog.  
The Poodle has been classified as most popular dog breed in the United States for 20 consecutive years and is now one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How big do Poodle’s get? Poodle’s come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. The Standard Poodle measures over 15 inches at the shoulder and most are in the 22-27? range. The Miniature Poodle measures between 10 and 15 inches at the shoulder and most are in the 13-15? range. The Toy Poodle measures 10 inches and under at the shoulder.

How much grooming do Poodle’s require? Poodle’s should be brushed a minimum of once per week with regular scheduled grooming appointments have 5 to 6 weeks.

What is the lifespan of a Poodle? The average lifespan of a healthy Poodle is between 12 to 14 years.

Are Poodle’s intelligent? Yes! In fact, they are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds ever. They are very in tune to their human’s moods and emotions.

My Poodle is a color that I have never seen before. Does this mean it is mixed? Not necessarily. There are many different color poodles and some even with pattern. Multicolor Poodles are just as purebred as a solid color Poodle.

Are Poodle’s hypoallergenic? No dog is truly hypoallergenic and the Poodle is no exception. Although Poodles shed very little they can still trigger an allergic reaction in some people from the fur, dander or even the saliva.

What is the difference between Moyen and Standard Poodles? The term Moyen is the French word for medium or intermediary. It just means that these Poodles are small sized standards. In other countries, this size is considered the forth size of poodles but, in here in the United States, these dogs are recognized as standards that are simply smaller, usually between 16" and 20" tall and up to 40 lbs.

Does the Poodle have a lot of health problems? Like any breed of dog, Poodle’s can experience certain health issues, however this breed is known for living long and healthy lives. Common health concerns arise as a dog begins to age, and common ailments for a Poodle include hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and hypothyroidism. Keep in mind that their size can make a big difference in health issues. Toys and Miniatures are at greater risk for joint-related issues. Standard poodles, however, are more likely to experience bloat, or GDV, a big-dog health concern.

What is the temperament of a Poodle? Poodles are highly recognized for their intelligence and ease of training. They are active, energetic and fun-loving dogs that thrive on attention and are always eager to play. They will live long happy lives as long as they are given plenty of exercise and stimulation. They get along great with children and other pets and make excellent companions and family dogs. They are also great sportsman dogs that excel in hunting and love to swim.

Where did the Poodle originate? The Poodle is often recognized as being a descendant of France, but they actually are of German origin. The Poodle breed became "set" in type in the 1800s, and is named from the German "pudel" meaning puddle or splash.

What color coat do Poodle’s have? Lots! Many people think that the Poodle only comes in neutral tones like white, black or brown, but they actually can also come in apricot, blue, cream, gray, red, silver, and beige. They can even come in bicolor patterns.

Does the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognize the Standard Poodle? Does the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognize the Standard Poodle?

What does it mean to have a purebred Poodle? An individual animal, bred from parents of the same breed or variety is called a purebred. This means that your purebred Poodle was bred by parents that are also both purebred Poodles. In addition, the puppy’s grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. would also be purebred Poodles.

Is there a reason Poodle’s get groomed with strange haircuts? Today it is just a style. Years ago when these dog were bred and used for working dogs, they would cut the hair on the Poodle's hindquarters, making it easier for them to swim. A Poodle’s coat is very heavy when it is wet. The Poodle's hair around its lungs and heart remained long to provide protection from cold weather.

Are Poodle’s sociable animals? Yes, very much so. Poodle’s love to be in the company of others and they prefer the company of people over other dogs. This doesn’t mean that they don’t get along with other dogs- in fact they get along with other animals very well.