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Cockapoo Breed Information

Curly Cockapoo adult

Sweet and cuddly, affectionate, friendly, and jolly, Cockapoo puppies are cute little joy bringers who most of all, love to love.  

A cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Mini Poodle, the Cockapoos are the happiest of dogs. They are known to joyfully bounce around from one room to the next and have an infectious “I love life” attitude. They are clever and loyal, they excel at canine sports, and they are definitely a treat to have around.  

Precious and small, this adorable Poodle mix has a height of 10 to 15 inches and a weight of 12 to 25 pounds. They have big round expressive eyes, cute floppy ears, and a great deal of personality.  

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Cocker Spaniel ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Determined TEMPERAMENT Outgoing, Intelligent, Friendly, Loving, Active ADULT WEIGHT 12-25 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 10-15 in LIFE SPAN 13-16 yrs


  • Cockapoos are very positive and cheerful and have a great reputation as therapy dogs  
  • The number one breed in the United Kingdom and a favorite in the United States, the Cockapoo is one of the most popular doodle dog breeds in the world. They are considered one of the most desirable designer dog breeds  
  • The cute Cockapoos have low shedding coats and are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs  
  • These companion dogs are gentle, social, and friendly with children of all ages, cats, dogs, other household pets, and even strangers  
  • Highly adaptable, the standard Cockapoo will easily adapt in a small apartment as well as in a big home  
  • Cockapoo puppies are bright, easy to train, and have eager to please personalities  
  • Known to tailor themselves to their family’s needs, the Cockapoos do great in both active and more laid-back lifestyles  
  • Cockapoos live longer, healthier lives due to hybrid vigor  
  • A perfectly balanced combination of calm and wild personalities, the Cockerpoo is best suited for families, singles, seniors, and first-time pet owners  
  • The Cockapoo is comfortable in both hot and cold climates  
  • Also known as Cockapoodle and Cockerpoo, the Cockapoo is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club  
Red Cockapoo in the arms of a little girl


The Cockapoo is a stylish little dog that appears playful and friendly. Half Cocker Spaniel and half Poodle, this sweet dog can resemble either parent more or, he can inherit a combination of features from both. The Cockapoo size and weight can vary quite a bit as well depending on the size of the parent breeds and which of the two is more dominant in the Cockapoo genes. That being said, the Cockapoo size is generally around 10 to 15 inches tall, with the female being a tad smaller than the male. The Cockapoo weight is between 12 and 25 pounds for a full-grown Cockapoo.

These precious-looking dogs have a sturdy-built body, expressive round sparkly eyes, and cute floppy ears. Their coats are stunning, low-shedding, and hypoallergenic. Their coat texture can vary from straight to wavy or curly and it can be one of a myriad of gorgeous colors such as black, white, tan, merle, sable, red, brown, beige, or cream. The Cockapoo coat can be a solid color or combinations of these and/or other colors with various markings or patterns.  

Some of the most sought-after Cockapoo colors are:


The Cockapoo is a happy, fun, and joyful dog with a positive attitude, a kind demeanor, and a playful nature. Sweet, cheerful, and known to melt hearts, the Cockapoo is a highly affectionate cuddle buddy, an excellent emotional support or therapy dog, and a loyal friend for life. These exceptional dogs are friends to everyone they meet from dogs to cats and even strangers. They are well-tempered and quite amazing with children, sharing an equally powerful love for mischief and fun. Designed for companionship, the little Cockapoo dogs love to be with their humans as much as possible. They thrive on companionship and human interactions and they don’t much enjoy being left alone.  

Cockapoo puppies are cute, comical, bouncy little fluffs that love to run around and spend their energy by getting into all kinds of mischief. They are bright, fun, and easy to train and they have eager-to-please personalities. These smart little puppies can be trained with positive reinforcement methods as well as a healthy supply of delicious puppy treats and toys. Cockapoo puppies also love to learn and are easily entertained by canine puzzle games.

Animated, outgoing, and adventurous, the Cockapoo is a great travel companion who loves to explore new places, make new friends, hike, swim, and walk for miles and miles. With a foot-long list of outdoor hobbies, the Cockapoo is most certainly a dog that loves to have fun.    

Cockapoos are highly intelligent, easy to train dogs that excel at canine sports such as flyball, rally, agility, and obedience. They are also champions in the show ring and stars at the dog park. 


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Cockapoos are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. A thorough brushing two or three times a week is required in order to avoid any tangles, matting, or knots forming. A bath every few months is beneficial in keeping their coats soft and clean. Their nails should be clipped and their ears cleaned every couple of months. A Cockapoo haircut is also beneficial once every few months.

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Exercise Needs

Cockapoos are generally energetic dogs. They love to compete in canine sports, they enjoy having a job to do, and they have a great love for outdoor games and activities. They enjoy mentally stimulating puzzles, games like Frisbee, chase, and fetch, and activities like hiking, swimming, running and jogging. A few walks every day and some active playtime at home are enough to keep the Cockapoo content and in excellent condition.  

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Created by a reputable breeder, the Cockapoo pups benefit from hybrid vigor and are less like to develop any of the health problems that their purebred parent breeds are prone to. That being said, there are a few common conditions that, although rare, can be inherited from their Cocker Spaniel and Poodle parents. Among those health issues are eyes conditions like glaucoma or cataracts, hip dysplasia, and kidney problems. Ear infection problems can also be common among these cute dogs.


The Cockapoo lifespan is 13 to 15 years. The Cockapoo life expectancy can go beyond 15 years with regular vet checks, high-quality kibble, and proper exercise.  


Cockapoos are smart, easy to train dogs. They love the training process as much as they love any playtime session. They have eager to please personalities and are fast learners. Training Cockapoos should be as easy as cuddling them. They are eager learners and they love to impress by any means.  

Socializing Cockapoo puppies shouldn’t be an issue either, as they are easygoing and open to meeting new people. They make fast friends with other pets, get along with cats, and make wonderful playmates for children.  

Cockapoos crave human interaction and don’t do very well when they are left alone. It is best to train them and get them used to being alone for short periods of time when they are still puppies in order to protect them from separation anxiety.   

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Recognized as the first designer hybrid breed, the Cockapoo also referred to as “the Cockerpoo” or “the Cockapoodle”, is a cross between a purebred Cocker Spaniel and a purebred Miniature Poodle. The Cockapoos were first introduced during the 1960s in the United States as highly intelligent, agile, calm, and happy pups with hypoallergenic qualities. The sweet puppies were an instant success in the United States and have since been recognized as one of the best companion pets for allergy sufferers.  

Soon after their introduction to the world, with an instant rise in popularity, the Miniature Cockapoos would be known for their three generations.  

  • A first-generation Cockapoo (known as an F1 Cockapoo) is when the puppy has a purebred Cocker Spaniel parent and a purebred Mini Poodle parent.  
  • A second-generation Cockapoo (known as an F1B Cockapoo) is when a puppy has an F1 Cockapoo parent and a purebred Mini Poodle parent.  
  • A third-generation Cockapoo (known as an F2 Cockapoo) is when a puppy has two Cockapoo parents.  

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By crossing the Cocker Spaniels – known for their sweet and calm demeanor, affectionate nature, and wonderful personality – with the Poodles (miniature, toy, or standard Poodle) – known for their brilliant mind, athletic body, loyal personality, and gorgeous hypoallergenic coat – Cockapoo breeders hoped to create a new breed that would possess all the great qualities of the two parent breeds with an added bonus of hybrid vigor.

The Cockapoo puppies quickly rose to fame as soon as they opened their eyes and have become one of the most endeared dogs around. From one place to the next, the Cockapoo has become a favorite among doodle breeds. As of 2020 and still going strong in 2021, the Cockapoo is recognized as the most popular dog breed in the United Kingdom and one of the top breeds in the United States.

The most sought-after Cockapoo puppies today are:

  • Mini 
  • Toy
  • Teacup
  • F1
  • F1B

Thanks to their great popularity, the cute Cockapoos now have their own club – the American Cockapoo Club, and they are also recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.