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Our Team - Meet Our Family

Uniting Dog Lovers with Healthy, Home-Raised Puppies


Welcome to Premier Pups, where our passion for dogs is at the heart of everything we do. Our journey began over 8 years ago when our founders, who have always considered dogs an integral part of their family, decided to turn their love for these amazing bundles of joy into a mission. Over the past 8 years, Premier Pups has been dedicated to raising healthy, unique dogs with rich personalities, excellent appearances, and outstanding temperaments that fit perfectly in happy, loving homes. Our story is one of devotion, understanding, and the unbreakable bond that exists between humans and dogs. We truly believe that dogs bring out the best in us, teaching us the importance of love, loyalty, and compassion. It is this deep connection that inspired us to start Premier Pups, allowing us to share our love for dogs with others, and help them find their perfect canine companions.



At Premier Pups, our mission is simple: to provide healthy, happy puppies to loving owners with whom they can thrive and bring joy to with every tail wag. We whole-heartedly believe that every puppy deserves a safe, loving home where they can grow, learn, and flourish. This belief is the foundation of our commitment to ethical breeding practices, responsible puppy care, and a genuine desire to create lasting, positive relationships between our puppies and their new forever families. We take great pride in our commitment to ethical breeding. Our experienced breeders adhere to the highest standards of care, ensuring that our puppies are raised in a nurturing environment, free from harm and neglect. By partnering with only the most responsible and compassionate breeders, we can guarantee that our puppies are given the love and attention they need to develop into well-rounded, confident, and happy dogs.



At Premier Pups, our love for dogs extends beyond our day-to-day work in breeding and raising puppies. We believe in the transformative power of a dog's love, and we are dedicated to sharing that love with those who need it most. For over 5 years, we have been honored to collaborate with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that shares our passion for bringing joy and happiness to the lives of others.Through our partnership with Make-A-Wish, we have been able to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses, providing them with the love, companionship, and support that only a puppy can offer. The joy and comfort that these puppies bring to the children and their families is truly heart warming and serves as a powerful reminder of the incredible impact dogs can have on our lives.
Each wish granted is a testament to the power of love and the unbreakable bond between humans and dogs. These heart warming stories of resilience and hope inspire us to continue our work, knowing that our puppies are making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.
Together, we are creating a world where love, compassion, and the healing power of a dog's love can bring hope and happiness to those who need it most. And for us at Premier Pups, there is no greater reward.



At Premier Pups, our expertise in breeding and raising puppies is rooted in our deep understanding and love for dogs. Each member of our staff is not only an expert in their field but also a devoted dog lover with a wealth of personal experience in caring for and raising these incredible animals. Our team has had dogs as part of their lives for as long as they can remember, and this lifelong passion for dogs is evident in the dedication and enthusiasm they bring to their work every day.Their extensive knowledge and experience ensure that every puppy in our care is healthy, happy, well-socialized and prepared for life with their new families.
In addition to our team's personal experience and passion, we also hold relevant certifications and affiliations within the canine community. These qualifications demonstrate our commitment to staying informed and up-to-date on the latest advancements in breeding, health care, and training techniques. By continuously expanding our knowledge and expertise, we can better serve our puppies and their future families.



At the heart of Premier Pups are our dedicated and passionate breeders. We are proud to work exclusively with families who share our love for dogs and our commitment to providing the best possible environment for our puppies. These families raise the puppies in their homes, ensuring that each little furball gets the love, attention, and care they need to grow into happy, healthy, and tail-wagging dogs.Our breeders are more than just caretakers; they are experienced professionals with the necessary certifications and expertise to deliver healthy, well-raised puppies. They are an integral part of the Premier Pups family, and their love for puppies is a key ingredient in the exceptional quality and temperament of our dogs. By raising our puppies in a family environment, our breeders ensure that each puppy is well-socialized with other pets, people, and children. This early exposure to a variety of experiences, sounds, and interactions is essential in helping our puppies develop into confident, friendly, and well-rounded dogs.
Our breeders take great care to nurture the puppies' individual personalities, making sure that every pup is given the opportunity to learn, explore, and grow in a safe, loving atmosphere.
We maintain a close relationship with our breeders, working together to ensure that our high standards of care and ethical breeding practices are consistently upheld. Through regular communication and collaboration, we are able to provide our puppies with the best possible start in life, and our breeders with the support and resources they need to continue their important work.



At Premier Pups, our commitment to quality is unwavering. We understand that the decision to welcome a new puppy into your family is an important one, and we are dedicated to providing only the highest quality puppies to ensure that our customers receive the perfect canine companion. This commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our work, from the selection of our breeders to the care and attention given to each individual puppy.
Our rigorous selection process for breeders is a key component of our commitment to quality. We carefully vet and evaluate each breeder to ensure they meet our high standards for ethical breeding, experience, and dedication to the well-being of their puppies. By partnering with only the most responsible and compassionate breeders, we can guarantee that our puppies are raised with the utmost care and love.
In addition to our meticulous breeder selection process, we also have strict health screening and vaccination protocols in place to protect the well-being of our puppies. Each puppy undergoes a thorough health examination by a licensed veterinarian before joining their new family. This includes age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming treatments, and regular,comprehensive, nose-to-tail health checks to ensure that they are in optimal condition.
Furthermore, we track our breeder’s offspring and all genetic conditions that occur result in immediate action.   Identifying and preventing the passing of any inheritable health conditions is of utmost importance. This proactive approach to health care helps to ensure that our puppies have the best possible chance at a long, happy, and healthy life with their new families.
At Premier Pups, we are confident in the quality and health of our puppies, and we stand behind them with an unparalleled 10-year health guarantee. This long-term assurance demonstrates our dedication to providing our customers with healthy, happy puppies that are ready to become cherished members of their new families. By offering this exceptional health guarantee, we aim to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve when adopting a new furry friend from Premier Pups.



We recognize the importance of working with leading experts in the fields of veterinary science and animal welfare science to ensure the highest standards of care for our puppies. That's why we have partnered with the very best professionals, who bring with them decades of knowledge and experience, in pursuit of our mission.

Our collaboration with these experts allows us to create and maintain our community standards, drawing upon their extensive expertise to ensure that our practices are not only ethical but also rooted in the latest scientific findings and best practices. By working closely with these distinguished professionals, we can continuously improve our processes and methodologies, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for our puppies and the experiences of their new families.


Ryan - Premier Pups Team

Ryan - Lead Adoption Agent & Finance Specialist

Ryan is a highly skilled and dedicated professional with an impressive background in both adoption management and finance. Ryan brings 8 years of puppy adoption experience and does a fantastic job leading people in the right direction. With years of experience working in the canine industry, Ryan possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in matching families with their perfect puppy. His passion for dogs and commitment to ethical practices shine through in his work, making him an invaluable member of the Premier Pups family. As a true dog lover, Ryan’s ultimate goal is to create lasting connections between our puppies and their new homes, fostering an environment of love, trust, and happiness for all.

Favorite Breed(s): Mini Bernedoodle

"I come from a family of dog lovers and have grown up with dogs my whole life, so I know how a furry family member can complete your family. When I started working at Premier Pups ten years ago I couldn’t have asked for a better job. Being able to provide happiness to families every day, and help them bring the joy of a new fur baby to someone’s home is the ultimate dream job."
Matthew H. - Premier Pups Team

Matthew H. - Adoption Agent

Matthew, one of our esteemed Adoption Agents, is a dedicated and compassionate professional with a genuine love for dogs and a strong commitment to finding them loving forever homes. Prior to Premier Pups Matthew worked at a dog boarding and grooming business in central ohio, Matthew possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to expertly guide families through the adoption process, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both the puppies and their new families.Driven by a deep-rooted passion for canine well-being, Matthew is a valuable member of our team, consistently going above and beyond to unite our puppies with loving homes where they can thrive and bring joy to their new families.

Favorite Breed(s): Goldendoodles and German Shepherds

"Being an animal lover my whole life I knew I wanted to be involved with animals in my life somehow. Working for premierpups has given me more than I could’ve asked for, being able to see the look on customers faces when giving them their puppy is one of the most rewarding feelings!"
Jacob - Premier Pups Team

Jacob - Lead Adoption Agent & Finance Specialist

Jacob, our Lead Adoption Agent & Finance Specialist, is an exceptional professional who brings together his expertise in adoption and finance background to offer outstanding service to Premier Pups’ customers. Jacob uses his unique skill set to expertly guide prospective adopters through the adoption process, helping them understand and navigate financing options when needed to bring home their perfect puppy. His extensive experience in the canine industry, coupled with his deep passion for dogs, enables Jacob to carefully assess each family's unique circumstances and preferences in order to find the best possible match. His unwavering commitment to ethical practices and the well-being of our puppies shines through in every interaction, making him a truly invaluable member of the Premier Pups team.

Favorite Breed(s): Pomeranian and Pomsky (the fluffier the better)

"I have found no better best friend than my dog my entire life. There is nothing better than the bond you share with your pup. I strive to provide that connection for everyone! Always ready to help a new family find their next furry addition to the family. This company cares about you and your new puppy and I am thrilled to be apart of it. "
Mariah - Premier Pups Team

Mariah - Adoption Agent

Mariah, one of our dedicated Adoption Agents, is a true dog enthusiast with a deep passion for helping families find their ideal canine companions. Mariah takes a personalized approach to each adoption, carefully considering the unique qualities of each puppy and the specific requirements of their potential new home. Her warm, supportive demeanour creates a sense of trust and comfort for prospective adopters, making the entire process an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Favorite Breed(s): Goldendoodles

"I absolutely love all animals. I have had the pleasure of growing up on a farm and experiencing that lifestyle. Dogs have always been my favorite! I rescued my Goldendoodle 2 years ago and she is my pride and joy. I’ve had the pleasure of working for Premier Pups 3 years and one of the things I love most about it is getting to know our customers and helping them find the perfect fit for their family. It is always so exciting watching our customers faces light up when they receive their forever furbaby"
Crystal - Premier Pups Team

Crystal - Adoption Agent

Crystal, another of our devoted Adoption Agents, is a passionate advocate for dogs and a keen facilitator in helping families find their perfect furry companions. Crystal possesses a keen eye for identifying the unique attributes of each puppy, carefully matching them to the ideal home based on the specific needs and desires of the adopting family. Crystal’s steadfast commitment to the happiness and well-being of our puppies is a testament to her love for dogs, making her an indispensable member of the Premier Pups team. Her tireless efforts and dedication to successful adoptions help ensure that each puppy finds a loving, forever home where they can flourish.

Favorite Breed(s): Pomeranian and Goldendoodle

"I come from a very small town, growing up with many different types of animals. My pomeranian (Gizmo) was by far my favorite fur baby. By working at Premier Pups it has allowed me to share my experiences and give absolute joy to our customers when they pick up their new family member. It is very rewarding !"
Dan - Premier Pups Team

Dan - Customer Care Manager

Dan, our Customer Care Manager, is a seasoned professional with a genuine passion for ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of both our puppies and their new families. Dan comes from a farming background and has been around animal since he was born. His history with animals allows him to connect with customers in all types of situations and work to find a proper resolution. With a strong background in customer service and a deep love for puppies, Dan is perfectly suited to oversee and manage all aspects of the Premier Pups customer experience. His exceptional communication skills and empathetic nature make him a trusted resource for families as they embark on the exciting journey of welcoming a new puppy into their lives. Dan is dedicated to addressing any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise, ensuring that each customer feels supported and valued throughout their interactions with Premier Pups. As a key member of the Premier Pups team, Dan plays a vital role in fostering long-lasting, positive relationships between our puppies and their adoptive families, helping to create a world of happy, loving homes for our furry friends.

Favorite Breed(s): Mini Goldendoodle

"Our goal is to put consumers first and to offer a premier adoption service from top breeders. I am here to help make sure we make this experience as special and as memorable as possible by making sure we provided customers a first class experience."
Michelle - Premier Pups Team

Michelle - Customer Care Specialist / Social Media

Michelle, our Customer Care Specialist and Social Media expert, is a talented professional with a keen eye for connecting with both our puppies' new families and the wider Premier Pups community. Combining her exceptional customer service skills with a deep-rooted passion for dogs, Michelle excels at providing support and assistance to families throughout their adoption journey while keeping our social media channels engaging and informative. Her friendly and approachable demeanour makes her a trusted resource for our customers as they navigate the joys and challenges of welcoming a new puppy into their lives. Michelle is always ready to address any questions, concerns, or feedback, ensuring that each family feels heard, valued, and supported by the Premier Pups team.

Favorite Breed(s): Cavapoos

"My love for taking care of people and puppies alike is what really made me want to join the team here at Premier Pups. I have always had dogs as pets (though they truly become a member of the family) and guiding families to the perfect pup is a very rewarding experience. My responsibilities include calling to check on the puppies once they have made it to their families safe and sound as well as featuring adorable pups on social media!"
Erica - Premier Pups Team

Erica - Customer Care Specialist / Facetimes / Video Updates

Erica, our Customer Care Specialist focusing on Facetimes and Video Updates, is a dynamic professional with a passion for creating meaningful connections between our puppies and their future families. Erica spent 2 years at Premier developing a handbook related to every possible situation that may arise when taking home a new puppy. This handbook has allowed everyone at Premier to be able to step in and assist the customers no matter the situation. Erica’s ability to put families at ease during these virtual interactions is a testament to her understanding of the emotional journey that comes with adopting a puppy.

Favorite Breed(s): Maltipoo

"Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my pup, Charlie. She is hands down the best decision I have ever made. I feel so honored to be working for a company that loves animals just as much as I do. Every day I hear from our customers “you have the best job being able to work with puppies all day” and I truly feel that way. "
Chelsie - Premier Pups Team

Chelsie - Puppy Care Manager / Emergency Consultation

Chelsie, our Puppy Care Manager and Emergency Consultation specialist, is an exceptionally qualified and professional expert who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Premier Pups team. As a certified vet tech and a seasoned expert in emergency care for dogs, Chelsie is uniquely positioned to oversee the well-being of our puppies and provide critical guidance and support to families in emergency situations. Her comprehensive understanding of canine health and her commitment to ensuring the highest standards of care for our puppies make her an invaluable resource for both our team and our adopting families. In her role as Puppy Care Manager, Chelsie works tirelessly to maintain the health and happiness of our puppies, monitoring their development and providing guidance to our team on best practices for their care. Her expertise and dedication to the well-being of our puppies and their adoptive families are instrumental in fulfilling Premier Pups’ mission to create loving, happy homes for our canine companions. She has earned a high level of respect from all 3 of our staff veterinarians.

Favorite Breed(s): French Bulldogs, Teddy Bear

"Having 12 years of experience working with animals, getting to share and utilize my knowledge to care for the little ones here at Premier Pups has been amazing! Making sure the pups are as healthy and happy as possible is always my number one priority. Managing the kennel staff has given me the opportunity to educate the rest of the staff on what it takes to ensure each pup is as healthy as can be. I get so attached to some of the pups that sending them home can be tough! But I am always sure to call and check on each pup that goes home to make sure they dont miss us too much!"
Mackenzie - Premier Pups Team

Mackenzie - Puppy Care Specialist

Mackenzie, our Puppy Care Specialist, is a dedicated and experienced professional with a genuine love for dogs and a passion for ensuring their well-being. With a background in animal welfare and a deep understanding of the unique needs of puppies, Mackenzie plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and happiness of our furry friends at Premier Pups.Her attention to detail and commitment to providing the highest quality care make her an invaluable member of our team, ensuring that each puppy receives the personalized attention and nurturing they need to thrive. Mackenzie is skilled at identifying and addressing any potential health or behavioural concerns, working closely with our Puppy Care Manager to ensure all our puppies are prepared for a smooth transition into their new homes.

Favorite Breed(s): Yorkie Poo

"I have always loved animals and working at Premier Pups has allowed me to use that love and care for our furry friends. I have 3 years of experience at Premier Pups and I care for the puppies and prepare them to leave for their forever homes. Making sure the puppies are healthy is my top priority. "
Savannah - Premier Pups Team

Savannah - Puppy Care Specialist

Savannah, another of our devoted Puppy Care Specialists, is a caring and experienced professional with a sincere love for dogs and a strong commitment to their well-being. Savannah plays an essential role in nurturing and supporting the growth and development of our puppies at Premier Pups. Her keen eye for monitoring the puppies' health and her ability to address any concerns make her a vital asset to our team. Savannah takes pride in providing each puppy with the individualized attention they need to flourish, ensuring they develop into well-adjusted, happy pets ready for their forever homes.Her exceptional care and dedication to the well-being of our puppies help pave the way for a lifetime of joyful memories and companionship between our furry friends and their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): ALL

"Growing up I’ve always loved animals and taking care of my pets everyday. Working at premier pups has allowed me to turn that love into a career! Making sure your puppy is happy and healthy is the best part of my day! "
Kylie - Premier Pups Team

Kylie - Puppy Care Specialist

Kylie, one of our dedicated Puppy Care Specialists, brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to the Premier Pups team. With a strong background in animal training and puppy development from her years at one of the most respected dog training facilities in Columbus, Kylie is an integral part of our mission to raise healthy, happy puppies. Her hands-on approach to puppy care and her ability to bond with each individual puppy make her an invaluable asset to our team. Kylie focuses on providing the appropriate mental and physical stimulation to ensure proper growth and socialization, helping our puppies become well-adjusted members of their new families.

Favorite Breed(s): German Shepherd

"Being apart of Premier Pups kennel staff as a puppy care specialist is one of the best feelings! Everyday I get to experience and learn something new from each of our beautiful breeds. Each and every puppy’s health is my top priority. I have almost 2 years of puppy care experience and over 4 years of working with dogs of all ages. My job is to always make sure your lovable puppy is ready for their new adventures before coming home to you and your families! "
Lacie - Premier Pups Team

Lacie - Transportation Manager

Lacie, our Transportation Manager, is an organized and efficient professional with a heartfelt passion for dogs and a commitment to ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the journey to their new homes. With years of experience in animal transportation and logistics, Lacie plays a pivotal role in coordinating and overseeing the travel arrangements for our puppies at Premier Pups. Her meticulous attention to detail and dedication to providing a stress-free and secure transportation experience make her an essential member of our team. Lacie works closely with airlines, ground transportation providers, and our Puppy Care Specialists to ensure all necessary documentation and requirements are met, guaranteeing a seamless transition for our puppies and their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles

"Working for Premier Pups has allowed me to use my education to help each family find their perfect pet. I have always had a passion for helping others and what better way to make someone smile than with a puppy?! Once they have decided on the pup that is the best fit for them, I am responsible for finding the quickest and safest flight to ensure they arrive home as happy as can be! I also make sure each puppy is sent home with all of the items they need to transition into their new homes. Getting to hear the joy and excitement in the voices of each family awaiting the arrival of their new puppy is the best part of my job!"
Roger - Premier Pups Team

Roger - Lead Ground Transport Specialist

Roger, our Lead Ground Transport Specialist, is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a deep love for dogs and an unwavering commitment to their safety and well-being during transportation. With a strong background in logistics and a passion for providing exceptional care, Roger plays a crucial role in ensuring our puppies at Premier Pups travel in comfort and security.His thorough understanding of ground transportation best practices and his ability to adapt to the unique needs of each puppy make him an indispensable member of our team. Roger works diligently to coordinate and oversee all aspects of ground transportation, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for our puppies and peace of mind for their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): Maltese

"I feel extremely proud to work for Premier Pups. I have been apart of this company for almost 9 years and every year we create new ways to improve our customer experience with such a big decision. I believe it is tough to have a bad day when you are working with puppies and love hearing our customers story about why they are looking for a puppy. The best part of my job is being in charge of the ground transportation for Premier Pups. Seeing the reaction of our customers being handed their puppy in person never gets old."
Taylor - Premier Pups Team

Taylor - Ground Transport Specialist

Taylor, one of our experienced Ground Transport Specialists, is a dedicated professional with a genuine love for dogs and a strong commitment to ensuring their safe and comfortable transportation. Taylor plays an essential role in providing a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for our puppies at Premier Pups. His expertise in navigating the complexities of ground transportation and his attention to the well-being of each puppy make him a valuable member of our team. Taylor works closely with Roger, our Lead Ground Transport Specialist, to coordinate and execute all aspects of ground transportation, ensuring the highest level of care and support for our puppies and their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): Pomeranian and Papillon

"Hi I’m Taylor I come from North Canton, Ohio and I love dogs and football. I enjoy talking to and interacting with the puppies at Premier. How lucky am I to work here!"
Garrett - Premier Pups Team

Garrett - Lead Air Transport Specialist

Garrett, our Lead Air Transport Specialist, is a highly skilled and trusted professional with a profound love for dogs and a steadfast dedication to ensuring their safety and comfort during air travel. With years of experience in animal transportation and a deep understanding of aviation logistics, Garrett plays an indispensable role in managing the air transportation of our puppies at Premier Pups.His expertise in navigating the intricacies of air travel for animals, combined with his unwavering attention to the well-being of each puppy, make him a valuable and trustworthy member of our team. Garrett works closely with airlines, cargo handlers, and our in-house transportation experts to guarantee that all necessary regulations and safety protocols are adhered to, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey for our puppies and their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): French Bulldogs

"Being a dog lover my whole life has definitely helped me to find my dream job here at Premier Pups! Dogs have been a huge part of my life from day one as a child and I truly enjoy my role here at Premier Pups. Being able to assist the pups in arriving to their new homes comfortably and on time is such a rewarding experience for me."
Trey - Premier Pups Team

Trey - Air Transport Specialist

Trey, our enthusiastic Air Transport Specialist, brings a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and genuine affection for dogs to his role at Premier Pups. With a strong background in animal transportation and a keen understanding of the specific requirements for air travel, Trey is a reliable and trusted professional, playing a vital role in overseeing the air transportation of our puppies.His problem-solving skills and adaptability, along with his focus on the well-being of each puppy, make Trey a highly valued member of our team. Trey works hand-in-hand with Garrett, our Lead Air Transport Specialist, airlines, and cargo handlers to ensure compliance with all safety standards and regulations, guaranteeing a smooth and enjoyable journey for our puppies.

Favorite Breed(s): Frenchie and Bernedoodles

"Working for Premier Pups for almost two years now has been a great experience for me. Dogs have been a big part of my life ever since I was little and will continue to be for the rest of my life. Making sure the pups make flights and get home to their families safely and as quickly as possible is part of my job here at Premier, and I always try my best to make that possible. I’m often asked if I work with puppies all day.. well pretty close to it! I'm Looking forward to improving my skills and the business in the years to come! "
Brandon - Premier Pups Team

Brandon - Travel Prep / Service Technician

Brandon plays a vital role in preparing our puppies for their journey to their new home. His expertise in handling the various aspects of travel preparation, including health checks, documentation, and crate assembly, make him a reliable and trustworthy member of our team. Brandon works closely with our transport specialists andexpert veterinary staff to ensure that all puppies are well-prepared and comfortable for their travels, providing peace of mind to their adoptive families.

Favorite Breed(s): Husky

"As a Jack of all trades Premier Pups keeps me busy ! Whether it is securing safe travel for the pups or maintaining the inventory, I do it all!"
Matt P. - Premier Pups Team

Matt P. - Puppy Photo Specialist / Breeder Relations / Emergency Consultation

Matt, our multi-talented Puppy Photo Specialist, Breeder Relations, and Emergency Consultation expert, is a dedicated and skilled professional with aunmatched adoration for puppies and a passion for capturing their unique personalities. With extensive experience in photography, breeder communication, and emergency care, Matt plays a crucial role in various aspects of our operations at Premier Pups.Matt’s expertise in photography allows him to create beautiful, heartwarming images of our puppies, showcasing their individuality and charm. In his role as Breeder Relations liaison, he maintains strong relationships with our network of ethical breeders, ensuring seamless collaboration and the highest quality puppies. As an Emergency Consultation specialist, Matt’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills provide invaluable support in times of need.

Favorite Breed(s): Cavalier

"This passion of mine started at a young age because my mother breeds Cavalier King Charles, and I own two cavaliers that are actually from my mom. This passion did not leave me and continued as I journeyed through college and graduate school. I decided to follow my passion and work for and be a part of a special company that has the same values as me."
Mikey - Premier Pups Team

Mikey - Puppy Photo Assistant / Ground Transportation

Mikey, our passionate Puppy Photo Assistant and Ground Transportation expert, is a dedicated and resourceful professional who has a true passion for dogs and a genuine enthusiasm for his work. With experience in both photography and ground transportation, Mikey plays a key role in capturing the true essence of our puppies and ensuring their safe travels to their new loving homes.As a Puppy Photo Assistant, Mikey works closely with Matt, our Puppy Photo Specialist, to create stunning and heart warming images that showcase the unique personalities of our puppies. His attention to detail and ability to capture the perfect moment highlight his dedication to his craft. In his role as a Ground Transportation expert, Mikey's expertise and reliability come to the forefront, ensuring our puppies travel safely and comfortably to their new families.

Favorite Breed(s): Bulldogs

"I love working with animals and especially puppies! They are my favorite watching them play and give kisses! I have been working at Premier Pups for 9 years now and have a blast doing it. I have learned so much during my time here and having great people to work with makes it that much better. I normally help out wherever possible and keep things going doing maintenance and making sure everything looks and works properly and efficently !"
Austin - Premier Pups Team

Austin - Breeder Relations

Austin, our Breeder Relations connoisseur, is a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional with a genuine passion for dogs and an unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards in ethical breeding. With a rich background in animal care and a keen understanding of breeder management, Austin plays a pivotal role in fostering strong connections between Premier Pups and our network of breeders. Austin's expertise lies in his ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with our family of breeders, ensuring they adhere to our strict quality and ethical guidelines. His deep understanding of canine care and breeding practicesmake him an invaluable asset in upholding the excellence of our breeding partners.

Favorite Breed(s): Frenchie

"Dogs have always been a big part of my life and two years ago I joyfully discovered that I could make it my job as well. I love working with our breeders to make sure the pups and their parents are happy and healthy and also help in making sure they make it to their new forever homes safely. "
Troy - Premier Pups Team

Troy - Marketing / Inventory Management / Breeder Relations

Troy has worked for Premier Pups for a little over 8 years and has developed a majority of our website technology. In the beginning of 2023 he became the owner of Premier Pups. He has a huge passion for dogs and wants to see Premier continue to offer healthy happy puppies through breeder accountability and technology enhancements. With a diverse background in marketing, inventory control, and breeder communication, Troy's expertise and attention to detail ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As the driving force behind our marketing efforts, Troy expertly crafts engaging and informative campaigns that effectively convey our love for puppies and commitment to quality. In his Inventory Management role, Troy's organizational prowess guarantees that our puppy selection remains up-to-date and well-maintained, ensuring that every family finds the perfect canine companion. In Breeder Relations, Troy works closely with the breeder network to uphold the highest ethical standards among our network of breeders, fostering strong connections and maintaining open lines of communication from the consumer back to the breeder.

Favorite Breed(s): Mini Bernedoodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Mini Portidoodle

"I take great pride in partnering with the best certified breeders in Ohio to offer you the highest quality, cutest puppies for adoption. I look forward to sharing my love for dogs with you through our company. I rescued my short-hair border collie from a shelter, and I keep thinking about getting him a playmate! Maybe, a mini bernedoodle, portuguese water dog or mini portidoodle??"


Elena R. - Premier Pups Team

Elena R. - Leading Expert in Canine Behavior, Care, and Training

Elena, a renowned expert in the field of canine behavior, care, training, and more, is a vital member of the Premier Pups team. As a published writer with over 10 years of experience in writing about dogs, her vast knowledge and expertise have made her a respected authority in the world of canine care. Elena's lifelong love for dogs is evident in her own life, as she is a devoted dog parent to three beloved canine companions. Her commitment to staying current on the latest developments in dog care, training, and overall well-being ensures that our customers and online visitors benefit from the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Elena's extensive experience, passion, and dedication to her work make her an invaluable resource for our customers and anyone seeking guidance in raising a happy, healthy dog.

"Dogs have been a part of my life for over 25 years. From volunteering at shelters to writing about canine behavior and generalcare, my life has been about dogs one way or the other, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently have 3 dogs, a Maltese and two White Swiss Shepherds that I love more than I can put into words. I'm surrounded by tail wags and I love it. Premier Pups and I share the same passion for dogs and their well-being, and combined, Ibelieve we can make a real difference in the world of dog lovers. With their help, I strive to continuously educate myself and others on what it takes to raise a truly happy dog."
Madeline I - Premier Pups Team

Madeline I - Pet Journalist / Pet Behavior Expert

Madeline, our trusted pet journalist and devoted dog mom to a Labrador Retriever and a Golden Retriever holds a degree in canine behavior and excels in the field of puppies-related news. She diligently participates in professional puppy workshops and industry events to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements. Madeline's collaboration with our team of veterinarians, breeders, and care specialists ensures accurate and reliable information reaches our community. Her professionalism, passion for canines, and personal experience make her a valuable resource for dog enthusiasts navigating the rewarding journey of dog parenthood.

"As a dog mom and content creator, my passion for canines and dedication to excellence drives my work. By collaborating with our exceptional team and staying current on the latest developments, I strive to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information for our community, empowering fellow dog enthusiasts to navigate the rewarding journey of dog parenthood with confidence."
Dr. Gary Rybka - Premier Pups Team

Dr. Gary Rybka - Veterinary Advisor/Pediatric Specialist

Dr. Gary Rybka, a distinguished veterinary consultant and fervent advocate for pediatric pet health, brings over 35 years of experience to the Premier Pups team. His impressive academic background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina State University and a degree from the Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine, where he was an esteemed member of the Phi Zeta National Veterinary Honor Society. Dr. Rybka's dedication to advancing veterinary medicine and nurturing the well-being of animals, combined with his extensive practical experience, enables him to contribute significantly to our mission of providing the best possible care to our puppies.

Puppies with guarantee

Puppies with a


The health of your new family member is our primary concern. We take all necessary precautions from vet inspection of our pups to their parents requirement to pass annual exams. If there’s something undiscoverable at 8 weeks of age that later comes up as hereditary or congenital, you’re covered. We stand behind our pups with up to a 10 Year guanrantee.

Breeders with integrity

Breeders with


Our breeder partners are our allies in serving the interests of our clients in bringing to market the highest quality puppies available. We seek breeder partnerships that share our concern for social responsibility and the environment.

We have a zero tolerance for substandard breeders.

Breeders with commitment

Breeders with


Developing long-term, personal relationships with breeders means we can work closely with the people, who raise the puppies we provide. We frequently visit our breeders to ensure our puppies and the practices used to raise them are always improving. With our breeders, their pets and pups are their main focus and priority.