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Mini Bernedoodle Breed Information

Tricolor Mini Bernedoodle adult dog

Puppies designed for cuddles, love, and joy, the Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a superb mix of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Mini Poodle. Mini Bernedoodles are excellent dogs for any type of lifestyle. They can be the best cuddle buddies for laid-back owners and the most adventurous sidekicks for outdoorsy owners. Mini Bernedoodle puppies also come with high intelligence, cheer, good manners, and generous affection. They are careful around small children and great at making friends. 

BREED TYPE / MIX Doodle Hybrid / Poodle crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog ENERGY Moderate SHEDDING Minimum TRAINING Responsive TEMPERAMENT Playful, Friendly, Intelligent, Affectionate, Gentle ADULT WEIGHT F1: 30-50 lbsF1B: 20-30 lbs ADULT HEIGHT 13-22 in LIFE SPAN 12-15 yrs


  • Mini Bernedoodles are one of the most popular doodle breeds in the United States. They are also known as Mini Bernadoodle, Mini Bernese Poodle, and Mini Berniedoodle puppies
  • The fluffy Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a mix between a Bernese Mountain dog and a Miniature Poodle
  • Hypoallergenic Mini Bernedoodle with minimal shedding
  • Mini Bernedoodles live longer healthier lives due to hybrid vigor
  • Non-aggressive, well-mannered, friendly, and gentle, the Miniature Bernedoodles are great with children of all ages, dogs, cats, other household pets, and even strangers
  • The Mini Bernedoodle (Mini Bernese Poodle, Mini Berniedoodle, or Mini Bernadoodle) is comfortable in both hot and cold climates
  • Highly intelligent, receptive, and easy to communicate with, the Mini Bernedoodle is very easy to train  
  • The Mini Bernedoodles are kind, cheerful, and caring dogs - they make excellent therapy dogs
  • Highly adaptable - the Mini Bernedoodles adapt easily to both small apartments and large houses as well as to both active and calm lifestyles 
Tricolor Mini Bernedoodle puppy sitting on the floor


Mini Bernedoodles are the fluffy teddy bears of Dogdom. These adorable little dogs appear happy and ready for warm and loving hugs. Like all mixed-breed dogs, these dogs sport a wonderful blend of looks and traits from both breeds that make up the Mini Bernedoodle mix. Their build is sturdy and well-proportioned, and their demeanor is calm and happy. They have sweet, rounded faces, oval-shaped eyes, and cute floppy ears. Their beautiful tails are thick, puffy, and wagging in excitement.

Because they are a mix of different-sized dogs, they can come in different sizes depending on which generation they belong to.  

  • The Mini Bernedoodle size for F1 Mini Bernedoodles can range from 30 to 50 pounds. The height of an F1 Mini Bernedoodle can be between 12 and 22 inches.
  • The size of an  F1b Mini Bernedoodle is generally between 20 and 30 pounds with a height average of 12 to 20 inches.  
  • An F2 Mini Bernedoodle will weigh between 25 to 35 pounds and stand at 12 to 15 inches tall.  

Learn more about breed generations.

Smaller Mini Bernedoodles like the Petite Mini Bernedoodle and the Micro Mini Bernedoodle will weigh less than 25 pounds and be less than 12 inches tall when full grown.  

Their hair is semi to fully hypoallergenic with minimal to no shedding. Their coats can vary from straight to wavy or curly depending on which side of the family they take after – the Bernese Mountain Dog parent or the Miniature Poodle parent. Mini Bernedoodle colors include combinations of black, white, and brown. There are also some that sport gorgeous, uncommon colors. These are the merle Mini Bernedoodle, black and white Mini Bernedoodle, blue merle, and brown Mini Bernedoodle.  


The Mini Bernedoodle is an easy-going, well-mannered, highly trainable dog with a joyful personality and a big heart. A cuddly teddy bear in disguise, the Mini Bernedoodle puppy was made for a loving owner. These sweet puppies are the joy magnets everyone needs in their life. They are playful, always happy, and ready to play at a moment’s notice. Mini Bernedoodles enjoy walks, hiking, swimming, fetching, running, and any outdoor activities they can do with their family. They make great adventure companions, and they love to run and play as much as they love to cuddle.

Goofy and fun, active and adventurous, calm, cuddly, and quiet, this dog can adapt to any lifestyle. Whether you’re ready to start a new life filled with adventure, or take on a more relaxed way of living, the Mini Bernedoodle will be there to join you with a glad heart. Mini Bernedoodles are sweet dogs to their very core. They devote themselves to making their parents happy and they are quick to form lifelong friendships and bonds. Their love is unconditional, as is their loyalty.  

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Grooming Requirements

Mini Bernedoodles are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Mini Bernedoodle shed very little and are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs. They require one weekly brushing to avoid tangles and matting, and a few baths per year to keep them clean and shiny. Their teeth, nails, and ears should be checked and cared for regularly, preferably once every few weeks.

For more guidance on grooming and understanding how often you should bathe them, explore our detailed guide: How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog Guide

Exercise Needs

Mini Bernedoodles are moderately active dogs. They enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and playing canine games, as much as they enjoy lazing around the house all day. They are generally relaxed and calm dogs. They prefer cuddling and relaxing on a couch over being active outdoors but won’t say no to a camping adventure. A 30-minute walk each day and some family playtime at home are enough to keep this dog happy, in shape, and healthy.  


As a crossbreed, Mini Bernedoodles enjoy excellent health with very few possible conditions. Although they are sometimes predisposed to certain allergies, eye issues, hip and elbow dysplasia, and dental issues, most Mini Bernedoodles live long and happy lives without serious health problems. Some can become overweight if they are not properly exercised. If your dog is more energetic, it is beneficial to take on a little bit more daily exercise. It is also recommended to feed your little fur-baby age-appropriate dog food that doesn’t exceed the recommended serving tailored to their weight.  

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Mini Bernedoodles have a lifespan of 12 to 18 years. To ensure your bundle of joy reaches or exceeds their life expectancy, make sure to give your dog plenty of exercise, high-quality dog food, and lots of loving cuddles.


Training a Mini Bernedoodle is generally straightforward due to their eager-to-please nature. For more insights on training dogs effectively, check out our blog: Easiest Dogs to Train - Top 5 Pups for Effortless Training

Mini Bernedoodles are smart dogs. They are equipped with an agile mindset and can pick up on things very fast. That being said, they are sometimes too enthusiastic and can appear stubborn. They are more than capable of learning tricks and commands, but they prefer to be cheered and motivated into doing so. A few delicious treats and positive reinforcement methods will keep them attentive and eager to learn.  

Leash training and socializing Mini Bernedoodles should go smoothly as they are outgoing and friendly in nature. When it comes to strangers, they should be introduced gradually in puppyhood to avoid shyness in later years.  

Mini Bernedoodles are very attached to family. Their main concern is to be near their family members at all times. Attached dogs and puppies are generally prone to separation anxiety and this is best dealt with when they are still very young puppies. It is recommended to leave them alone for short periods of time so they can adjust to some alone time and avoid sadness or destructive behavior in the future.  

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The cute Mini Bernedoodle puppies are a splendid mix of a Miniature Poodle crossed with a Bernese Mountain Dog. The Bernese Poodle mix is one of the best doodle breeds in the country, impressing constantly with fluffy-adorable looks and excellent personality traits. The Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle were both selected for the Mini Bernedoodle mix for their intelligence, soft nature, and remarkable looks.

The mini versions of the Benredoodle breed arrived a few year after their larger counterpart, the standard Bernedoodle, rose to fame. Standard Bernedoodles are a mix of a standard Poodle and a Bernese Mountain dog. And like their smaller counterparts, they are cuddly, sweet, and a true joy to have around.

Although these mini puppies have only been around since 2003, they were quick to climb the latter to success. They are among the most popular doodle puppies in the United States, and among the most loved designer dogs in the world. The Mini Bernedoodle puppies were first intentionally bred in Ontario, Canada by dedicated Mini Bernedoodle breeders. The visionaries who designed the designer dog, sought to gift the world with a new type of dog breed that would have both hypoallergenic qualities and great health.

Mini Bernedoodle puppies are bred into three different generations also known as generation crosses:

  • A first - generation puppy (known as an F1 Mini Bernedoodle) is when a puppy has a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog parent and a purebred Mini Poodle parent 
  • A second - generation puppy (known as F1B Mini Bernedoodle) is when a puppy has an F1 Mini Bernedoodle parent and a purebred Mini Poodle parent
  • A third - generation puppy (known as an F2 Mini Bernedoodle) is when a puppy has two Mini Bernedoodle parents

Mini Bernedoodles can also be found in various size variations. The Teacup and the Micro are currently the rarest and most sought after.

Although the Mini Bernedoodles are quite new as a breed and do not have much history, we can look back at the history of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle parent breeds in order to better understand the designer doodle breed.

The gorgeous, hard-working, well-mannered, loving, and loyal Bernese Mountain Dogs have their origins in Switzerland in the Swiss Alps. Intelligent and agile, with great tracking, herding, and guarding skills, the Bernese Mountain Dog is well equipped and loves having a job to do. With the ability to be both a hard-working dog as well as a loving, loyal companion pet, the Bernese Mountain Dog has been well loved and appreciated across the world for centuries.

The Poodle has been depicted in drawings on artifacts dating as far back as 200 B.C and is believed to be one of the most ancient breeds in the world. Proud, graceful, and elegant, with a sharp intelligence and a loving nature, the Poodle puppy has been a cherished companion of royal families and aristocrats for centuries. Hard-working, highly trainable, and ranked as the second most intelligent dog breed in the world, the Poodle is and always has been a very popular breed and for good reason.

The Mini Bernedoodle is also widely known as the Mini Bernese Poodle, Mini Bernadoodle, and Mini Berniedoodle.