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Mini Bernedoodle Puppies For Sale - Miniature Bernedoodle Pups For Adoption

Mini Bernedoodle  Puppies Breed Information

The Miniature Bernedoodle is a mix breed between the Miniature or Toy Poodle which originates in France and the Bernese Mountain Dog which has its origins in Switzerland.  It is low to non-shedding breed, perfect for allergy sufferers and suitable for apartment living. Its fur comes in various combination of white, black and brown.

Mini Bernedoodle weigh from 23 to 50 pounds and has a height between 10 and 20 inches depending on the generation to which it belongs. It has a life expectancy between 12 and 15 years.  

It has a sweet appearance, although no two Bernedoodles are identical, its appearance being related to the parents’ genes.

Mini Bernedoodle inherited the playfulness and friendly attitude of Bernese Mountain and the intelligence and flexibility of the Poodle. It gets along well with other pets and is easy to train if properly socialized since puppyhood.

It is a very adaptable breed to almost any living conditions. Be careful with hot temperatures as it tends to be sensitive because of its long coat. It adapts very well to apartment living, but it needs to be exercised on a regular basis.

It has a long coat similar to Bernese Mountain Dog which has to be well maintained to avoid tangles. Its teeth need to be brushed once per week and its nails trimmed once per month.

To be in a good shape, this breed requires a moderate activity level. Daily walks are ideal to keep it fit, especially if living in an apartment.

Feed it with high quality food to ensure all nutritional needs. Mini Bernedoodle is generally a healthy dog if it is properly cared. It can suffer from health problems such as chronic adrenal insufficiency, Addison Disease, hip dysplasia, eye problems, skin problems, and elbow dysplasia.

If you are looking for a Mini Bernedoodle, you are in the right place. We sell only healthy puppies in Ohio (Columbus, Youngstown, Canton, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Akron) and also in the nearby states such as: West Virginia (Wheeling, Charleston, Morgantown), Indiana (Indianapolis, Evansville, Bloomington), Kentucky (Florence, Frankfort, Lexington, Louisville), Michigan (Ann Arbor, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Lansing), Illinois (Peoria, Springfield, Chicago), Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia).