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The Best Pros and Cons of Owning a Maltese

The Best Pros and Cons of Owning a Maltese – 2024 Edition
Published Friday, June 17, 2022 by Premier Pups Team

The Maltese are one of the most popular dogs in the world, and they have been for centuries. These cuties are renowned for their pure white coats and fashionable appearance. They're completely adorable and have fantastic personalities. You will find these dogs in shows and sporting competitions holding trophies and making their parents proud. You will also find them on millions of laps across the world.  

Owning a Maltese is like living with a rainbow. These dogs exude happiness with every step and are renowned for their contagiously good mood. Their pros are endless. However, like all dogs, they also come with a few cons. So, what are the most important pros and cons of owning a Maltese? 

Pros of Owning a Maltese

Maltese Dogs Are Renowned for Their Unconditional Love 

elegant Maltese with a pristine white coat showcasing the breed's beauty

If you’re a fan of cuddles, puppy kisses, and doting, there is no better dog for you than the Maltese. These pooches live to be with their owners. They thrive glued to the hip and are happiest when their owners include them in every activity they do. Unconditional love and loyalty are in their genes. And if you crave a dog that will always put you first, the Maltese is certainly your perfect pet.  

Kindness is also something these dogs display with everyone they meet. They may pick a favorite owner but are just as affectionate towards every family member. Their furry siblings receive the same love as their human families because these dogs are happy to share their toys and be part of a pack. They're also one of the few breeds that are naturally friendly to cats, so you don’t need to worry about cat and dog wars if you own a Maltese and a feline or two. They love every living thing just the same.  

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Maltese Dogs Fit Any Lifestyle

loving Maltese dog enjoying quality time with its family highlighting its affectionate nature

Most dogs tend to be either active or more relaxed, but not the Maltese. These dogs can be both active and relaxed, depending on their owners and their lifestyle. If you lead an active lifestyle and you like to spend your time going on hikes and adventures, this pooch will be your fun partner. If you prefer to spend your free time indoors watching a show or relaxing, this bundle of joy will be happy to do the same.  

One of the few dogs that are naturally able to do this, the Maltese will mirror your energy and personality. And because of this, they are one of the best breeds for families with kids, single owners, seniors, and everyone in between.  

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Maltese Dogs Are Hypoallergenic and Low Shedding

adorable Maltese dog with sparkling eyes capturing the breed's youthful charm

One of the biggest pros of owning a Maltese, especially if you suffer from sensitivities to pet dander and hair, is their hypoallergenic qualities. Maltese dogs are one of the best hypoallergenic breeds. They have low-shedding coats and don’t produce quite as much dander as other breeds. Even those who suffer from severe pet allergies have reported that the Maltese dog doesn’t activate their allergic reactions. These adorable pups are safe to cuddle. They won’t have you sneezing or itching every time you cuddle them. 

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The Maltese Are Small and Easy to Handle

well-groomed Maltese showcasing its lustrous and clean coat emphasizing the importance of regular grooming

With their cute, tiny size, these pooches are very easy to handle. They fit perfectly in micro apartments, and you can pick them up and carry them everywhere. You can take them shopping with you, travel with them in your purse, and take them on airplanes. Their small size also means that you’ll have plenty of room in bed if your furry friends sleep with you. They don’t take up much space on the bed, couch, or even on a chair. 

Vacations with a toy dog are also easier. Their petite stature and light weight mean less effort in carrying them and an easier time traveling.  

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Training a Maltese Is Very Easy 

playful Maltese engaged in a fun activity reflecting its energetic side

Maltese dogs are renowned for their intelligence, often being very easy to train. For centuries, these cute pups have been trained for a myriad of different jobs. They have been employed as therapy dogs, circus performers, little watchdogs, and even babysitters. The number of things they can be trained for is vast. Their intelligence is above average, and they have the people-pleasing personality that makes training them incredibly easy.  

Training a Maltese puppy involves little effort, even if you are a non-experienced owner. All you need is a few treats, a fun and gentle approach, and positive reinforcement. These puppies will do the rest just to please you.  

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Maltese Are Excellent with Kids 

small Maltese dog in backpack

One of the best pros of owning a Maltese is that these dogs are just fantastic with kids. If you have toddlers or teenagers in the house, a Maltese is the perfect new addition to your family. These precious dogs are careful when playing with small children. They don’t play rough and are quite gentle and careful. With teenagers, they become more mischievous and adventurous, always tailoring themselves to fit the energy of their family members.  

Aggression is not something you need to worry about when owning a Maltese, since these dogs are much too calm and composed to display negative behavior. They are quite patient and don’t become reactive even if they are provoked.  

Allowing your children to grow up with a Maltese will teach them all the best lessons on responsibility. They will learn about compassion, caring for others, and empathy. Strong bonds and pure friendship are also something your children will get to experience when growing up with a sweet Maltese friend. 

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Cons of Owning a Maltese   

Maltese Grooming Requirements Can Be High 

cute white Maltese dog with red scarf

One of the biggest cons of owning a Maltese is their grooming needs. Although you don’t need to be a professional to care for these dogs, there is some effort that you need to put in if you want them to look fresh. These pooches have a gorgeous, long, rich white coat that needs attending to often.  

White coats easily get dirty, and you can see the slightest stain on them. Tear stains, in particular, are quite common for Maltese dogs. They appear reddish or brown, almost like a muddy patch under their eyes. And this look is not flattering. To get rid of tear stains and other visible stains on the coat, cleaning needs to happen almost on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long to clean the area around their eyes or parts of their coats that are stained, but it is something that you may have to do often when owning a Maltese. 

Having long, low-shedding coats means that their hair may get easily tangled or matted. And because of this, the Maltese need to be brushed regularly. Brushing should be thorough, especially if their coats are kept long. You need to brush every inch of their cute hair to ensure their coats remain smooth, soft, and without knots. Brushing your Maltese is something that you will most likely have to do daily.  

Of course, you can opt for one of the many adorable haircuts and styles that don’t require as much effort when it comes to brushing. Maltese can sport a myriad of gorgeous cuts, but the costs are not always low. Cutting your Maltese’s hair short will buy you a lot of time you would otherwise spend brushing their coat, but it won’t come cheap. The Maltese has hair that grows constantly and quite fast, which means you will have to visit a professional groomer every month or so to keep their hair short. 

On the plus side, grooming sessions are bonding moments. 

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Their Size Makes Them Vulnerable

happy fluffy Maltese dog on sofa

The Maltese are very petite dogs. These are toy dogs that can weigh as little as 5 pounds when fully grown. As you can imagine, being this small often makes them vulnerable to injury or other dangers. They can easily get injured when playing with kids or adults, and they are at risk of being trampled over when playing with larger dogs.  

Supervision is a must if you want to own a Maltese. This dog should not be left off-leash unless the area is fenced and there are no over-excited dogs around that could harm them during play. Children should also be supervised when playing with these tiny dogs, especially small, speedy children that could accidentally hurt them. 

Spoiling a Maltese Is Too Easy 

Maltese puppy with owner

Adorable eyes, tiny paws, cute tails, and a precious gaze are the ingredients of a dog that is bound to be spoiled. Add a cute, friendly bark to that equation, and you will find yourself cuddling your Maltese 16 hours a day.  

Maltese dogs are too precious to not be spoiled, there is no question there. However, spoiling can turn a naturally obedient and pleasant dog into a little warrior that will only have his way. Spoiled dogs can be extreme. They can turn yappy, un obedient, and loud. They can also become snappy. This is another con of owning a Maltese, as it involves restraining from being overly affectionate and indulgent when that’s all you’ll want to do.  

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Separation Anxiety Can Be a Problem 

charming Maltese dog taking a nap

This last con of owning a Maltese is very closely related to the previous one. Maltese dogs are typically independent and have no problem being left alone for a few hours each day. But spoil them, and you will likely find your shoes nibbled, and your neighbors complaining about all the barking that’s heard from your home. Separation anxiety is common in spoiled dogs. It leads to excessive barking, chewing, and feelings of sadness. You can prevent this through training and restraining from overly spoiling your little Maltese.  

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Conclusion for Prons and Cons of Owning a Maltese 

Owning a Maltese comes by far with more pros than cons. These dogs are not only incredibly cute but also perfectly well-behaved. They spread joy with every little thing they do, and you can’t possibly be bored with one of these adorable fluffballs in your life. Their nature is sweet, friendly, and most importantly caring. They get along great with every dog, human, and pet they come in contact with, and they fit every possible lifestyle. Owning a Maltese can also come with a bit of work, especially when it comes to grooming them, but the pros most certainly outweigh the cons.  

Scroll down to see FAQs about the pros and cons of owning a Maltese!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros of owning a Maltese dog? Maltese dogs are known for their gentle and affectionate personalities, making them great companions. They are small and do not require a lot of space, making them ideal for apartment living. Maltese dogs also have a hypoallergenic coat, which makes them suitable for people with allergies. Additionally, they are intelligent and easy to train, making them a great choice for first-time dog owners.

What are the cons of owning a Maltese dog? One of the main cons of owning a Maltese is their high-maintenance grooming needs. They require daily brushing and regular visits to a professional groomer to maintain their long, silky coat. Additionally, like all dogs, Maltese dogs can be prone to some health issues, including dental problems, allergies, and luxating patellas.

Are Maltese dogs good with children and other pets? Maltese dogs are generally good with children and other pets if they are socialized properly from a young age. However, due to their small size, they may be easily injured by rough play, so supervision is recommended when they are interacting with children or larger dogs. Additionally, like any dog, Maltese dogs may have a prey drive and may not be suitable for homes with small animals like cats or rabbits.

How much exercise does a Maltese need? Maltese dogs are relatively low-energy and do not require a lot of exercise. A daily walk and some indoor playtime should be sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. However, it is important to keep in mind that all dogs have different exercise needs, and individual Maltese dogs may require more or less exercise depending on their age, weight, and overall health.

How long do Maltese dogs typically live? Maltese dogs have a lifespan of approximately 12-15 years. However, like any dog, their lifespan can be affected by a variety of factors, including genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health care. With proper care and attention, Maltese dogs can live long and healthy lives.