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Rare French Bulldog Colors

Rare French Bulldog Colors (2024) - Premier Pups
Published Friday, October 21, 2022 by Elena R.

French Bulldogs are one of the cutest and most popular purebred dog breeds around. According to the American Kennel Club, these dogs hold second place as the most popular breed in the world. They have been in the top 5 most popular dog breeds for quite a few years now.  

The Frenchie is a dog everyone loves. With its goofy personality and gorgeous appearance, it's impossible not to. They're great with kids, amazing with other pets, and friendly with everyone they meet. They're also just the right size for apartment life. 

Awesome temperament aside, the Frenchie look is also one of the reasons why these dogs are so adored. They come in a myriad of beautiful colors, one more gorgeous than the other. They also have a few not-so-common colors that are just breathtaking. Keep reading to discover the stunning, rare French Bulldog colors that are a treat for the eyes. 

French Bulldog Colors That Are Recognized By the AKC 

cream French bulldog with dark muzzle

The French Bulldog is one of the few purebred breeds that have a very rich palette when it comes to coat colors. These beautiful dogs come in white, cream, fawn, brindle and white, brindle, fawn and white, cream and white, fawn brindle, and fawn brindle and white, all of which are standard French Bulldog colors recognized by the American Kennel Club.  

Although you can find Frenchies in all these colors, their most common one is brindle, which is a dark-colored coat with light markings or shades. The fawn Frenchie color is also common. The fawn color can be described as a light shade of tan with light to dark reddish tints.  

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Rare Frenchie Colors 

black French bulldog puppy

Rare French Bulldog colors, which are also known as FAD, are colors not currently recognized by the AKC. These rare colors of a French Bulldog’s coat usually disqualify the dog from participating in competitions.  

Some of these colors include: 

  • Completely Black French Bulldogs – completely black coat with no other markings or shades of color 
  • French Bulldogs with Tan Points – any coat color with tan points – black and tan French Bulldogs, lilac and tan French Bulldogs, blue and tan French Bulldogs, chocolate and tan French Bulldogs, etc. These tan points can have a higher or lower contrast with the coat color. They can be bold or more faded and cover a larger or smaller area of the coat. 
  • Frenchies with merle coat – Merle Frenchies are quite rare. The merle coloring is typically a light coat that has dark spots and tiger-like stripes that appear exotic. Anything merle in Frenchies is rare. These include blue merle Frenchie and fawn Merle Frenchie. 
  • Blue French Bulldogs – the coat color of the blue Frenchie is one of the most desired colors in the breed. The color is a greyish blue that can be solid or have white patches on the chest and belly. Blue Frenchies can be blue fawn, blue brindle, blue pied, or simply blue.  
  • Brown or chocolate French Bulldogs – chocolate fawn Frenchie, chocolate pied French bulldog, or purely brown Frenchie 

If you have your heart set on a French Bulldog with a rare coat color and don’t care much about participating in competitions, you don’t need to worry about AKC recognition.  

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Rarest French Bulldog Color 

merle French bulldog

Although there are many rare colors in the breed, the rarest French Bulldog color is a blue merle. The blue merle can be described as a grey coat (light or dark) with spots that are typically dark in color.  

Merle by itself and blue by itself are highly desirable and rare colors in French Bulldog coats but put the two together and you get a unique and quite rare color. Both merle and blue are rare Frenchie colors, which is why the blue merle is the rarest.  

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Most Popular French Bulldog Rare Color 

lilac French bulldog looking to the side

The Lilac French Bulldog color is among the rarest but also the most popular and sought-after. Lilac Frenchies or Isabella French Bulldogs are simply stunning. These dogs sport a gorgeous and very distinct lilac hue that covers the entirety of the coat. The stunning coloring of lilac French Bulldogs is given by a very rare gene called bbdd.  

Coming by a lilac or Isabella Frenchie is quite difficult, given their rare genes. And because of this, people can’t help but fall head over heels when they see one.  

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Most Expensive Rare French Bulldog Color  

Isabella French bulldog posing in a yellow background

The Lilac French Bulldog is one of the rarest, most popular, and most expensive French Bulldog colors. The beautiful purple-like coloring of the breed will make some pay up to 20k dollars for a puppy. The high cost of the lilac Frenchie is due in part to its rare coloring that can only be achieved by crossing two dogs with the same rare gene, but also because of the difficulty in breeding these unique dogs. Most Frenchie dames require both artificial insemination and a c-section to deliver puppies safely.  

French Bulldogs are expensive dogs regardless of their coloring. They are difficult to breed, so it is understandable why their price may be as high. But there are also a few rare colors of Frenchies that make these dogs even more expensive. Merle, blue merle, and lilac French Bulldog puppies can have quite the price tag. Very similar to the Fluffy French Bulldog, a French Bulldog puppy with a rare color can reach as much as several thousand dollars. The luxurious price tag of lilac French Bulldogs is indeed high, but as rare as these dogs are, it is likely worth it.  

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Scroll down to see FAQs about rare French Bulldog Colors!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are French Bulldogs aggressive? French Bulldogs are often seen as being aggressive because of the way they look and their past. If you actually look at the temperament of a French Bulldog, you'll find that they are not aggressive in any way. With proper training, your French Bulldog can be very obedient and loyal to its owner.

How much space do they need to live in? French Bulldogs are a small dog breed. They live well in an apartment, but they do need regular exercise. They can be active indoors or outdoors. French Bulldogs are not suited to living in a house with a yard because they need frequent walks and space to run around.

What are standard French Bulldog colors? According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard for French Bulldogs, the acceptable colors for the breed are brindle, fawn, white, cream, and brindle and white (known as "pied").

Do Frenchies change color? French Bulldogs, like many other breeds, can sometimes change color as they mature. This can happen as a result of a natural process known as "fading," where a dog's coat may lighten or darken over time. However, the degree of color change can vary greatly between individuals, and some Frenchies may not experience any noticeable change in color at all. Additionally, the type of color change that occurs can be influenced by factors such as genetics, environment, and diet.

Which French Bulldog color is most expensive? The price of a French Bulldog can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including breeder reputation, location, and the dog's individual traits, such as health and temperament. Color is generally not a major factor in determining a French Bulldog's price. However, some colors may be considered more rare or unique, and as a result, a French Bulldog of that color may fetch a higher price. For example, a blue or black French Bulldog may be more expensive than a fawn or brindle French Bulldog, as these colors are less common in the breed and may be considered more desirable by some buyers.

What are French Bulldog fad colors? "Fad colors" in French Bulldogs refer to coat colors that are not recognized as standard or acceptable by the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard. Examples of fad colors in French Bulldogs include blue, black, chocolate, lilac, and sable.

What is the most popular color of French Bulldog? The most popular color of French Bulldogs varies from time to time and from region to region. However, some of the most desired and popular colors in Frenchies are brindle, gray, fawn, and brindle and white (known as "pied").