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Is My Puppy Choking?

October 8, 2013, 2:24 PM
Q: my 4 mo old maltese seemed to get choked and got ok then went for a lil jog down the hall came back like she was choking and started throwing up took her to the vet he said her airway was not obstructed but shes still jerking like she is going to throw up got her back from the vet and she threw up again and is still jerking he gave her some lube for her throat and a mild pain med in case her throat was hurting when will she stop throwing up and jerking and does this sound like a choaking episode?
A: True choking would be something that your vet would have been able to diagnose on the spot. What you are describing sounds like she thinks she has something in her throat even though she does not, it just feels like it to her. This oftens comes from chewing on an object the scrapes or irritates the pahrynx. It could also be a "reverse sneeze" which indicates irritation in the same area. i would keep her close and give it a few hours and hopefully is will subside. If not please let me know.