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Gagging Puppy

August 23, 2016, 5:52 PM
Q: Hi,we have two shorkie pups 1 female and 1 male they are 12 weeks old,our male pup has had a cough that ends with him gagging for about 2 weeks now. we looked online and thought it was a "reverse sneeze" but more research makes it sound like that "kennel cough" . Is he too young for antibiotics ? will it go away on its own? should i get the expectorant you've mentioned for coughs.Our first vet visit the vet didn't hear the cough but said it probably was an allergy, should we take him back for a visit.His appetite and well being seem fine.Thanks
A: Respiratory infections in new puppies are common just like kids at school with"colds". Kennel cough is a term that has many different meanings depending on whose using it. What you describe indicates irritation I the back of the throat and especially if his attitude and appetite are good he will get well but sometimes it takes 4-6 weeks. Using guaifenesin expectorant at o.1 ml per pound body weight 3 times daily as well as moist air treatments can only help. As long as he feels well you can begin that and see what happens over 4-5 days before deciding on antibiotic use. Please let me know if any questions.