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Fussy About Eating

August 18, 2014, 2:17 PM
Q: Hello Doctor, My puppy (morkie 11 weeks, 2.5 lbs) has been very fussy to eat from this morning. He also seems very sleeply all day from morning. Normally he does eat well but today he just doesnt seem to want to eat anything. We gave him karo syrup (1 cc) in the afternoon. He did seem to play for an hour and then again wants to sleep. We also fed him chicken gerber baby food through syginge but doesnt want to eat the keebles or natures variety raw chicken that we normally give him. His poop seemed to be hard enough and he seems to be going peeing regularly. Is there something to be concerned, how to know exactly if this is low blood sugar condition or if he is just bored as we both are working today from home. thanks Ashish Shah
A: At this point we don't know for sure if it is his mood or if there is something else starting. You are on the right track by giving him Karo. For his weight I would give 1.5ml karo and 1.5 ml water, and also 3ml of baby food and water mixed each couple hours and lets see which way this goes. Take a look at the video on Hypoglycemia.