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Puppy Pees Often---Medical or Mental

August 26, 2014, 7:21 PM
Q: My Zuchon puppy is 3 months old and pees all the time. He will pee outside then come inside and pee in the floor five minutes later. Sometimes it is a quarter sized spot and sometimes a baseball sized spot. Very frustrated!
A: At 3 months of age territory marking would not yet be a problem, which leaves us with medical and behavioral explanations. Infection in his bladder or the outflow tract "urethra" can lead to frequent urination. He is also at an age when not understanding the potty training process can also be a problem. The best way to separate these two possibilities would be to have his urine checked by your veterinarian. If the urinalysis is normal then we would need to review your training routine. Please keep me informed.