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Limping But Doesn't Seem Painful

October 21, 2014, 8:27 AM
Q: My 5 month old, 4 lb. Pomeranian just recently started slightly limping with her left hind leg gently lifted every few steps. She can still run and does not seem to be in a lot of discomfort but does not seem to be putting weight on the leg when she stands or walks. She also squats with a rounded rump, as if to deficate but it is to urinate, as opposed to her usual arched hind quarters stance. This is a recent change, as well. She plays quite rough with my other puppy, which is an 8 lb Malti Poo, and I am worried that something happened during play.
A: The changes in her body position during elimination may be compensation for the leg but if so the leg would be in an odd position also. Lightly lifting or favoring a rear leg would often be related to patellar (knee cap) conditions. I am not sure what "recently" means and the actual duration could help in narrowing the possibilities. Let me know if you would like me to help guide you through some examination steps to see if we can figure it out and decide what course you should take.