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What does a runny nose mean?

July 28, 2015, 5:33 PM
Q: Hello, Its Kendall again. I have a few questions. So when I received maxwell he had a runny nose. I took him to the vet for his wellness check and I mentioned his runny nose but the vet told me that it was okay unless the drainage was yellow/green. Still till this day it is still clear and hasn't changed colors, but running more and he is sneezing a lot. However I took him to the Vet today because today was supposed to be his first round of shots/vaccines. I mentioned to the Dr. That his nose was still runny. He then proceeded to tell me that he could have a infection. That he would need to do blood work to find out. So I approved him to go ahead with the blood work. The results came back and The Dr. Said that he did have an infection. He stated that his WBC was 18.18 (above normal), and his RBC Count was 4.38 which that was (below normal) so they gave me two antibiotics. The first medicine was Hi-Vite Drops and the other was Clavamox. The Dr. Also stated that he was anemic. Is there any suggestions on how I can handle him being anemic? Also with all of this could he be contagious to another dog? Could he be contagious to me and also if Maxwell is left alone and he continuously barks, could he die/choke "make himself sick" by doing so? FYI - The Dr. Did not give him the vaccinations today because of his infection. I am a little frustrated and as a new mommy concerned and confused. Please help!! Kendall and Maxwell "woof"
A: First of all the runny nose and sneezing in this case are signs of a respiratory infection. The clavamox that was prescribed is not a choice that I would have made but since he has started it then lets stay with it and see what response we get. So far as the red blood cell count (anemia) I do not feel that the level from the lab work is significant so I wouldn't worry. The medicine you received is a vitamin to help with the production of red blood cells and also the antibiotic clavamox. You do not need to worry about transmission of the respiratory infection to yourself. If your other dog is healthy and not aged there shouldn't be a problem.