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Vomitng Puppy

December 30, 2015, 3:26 PM
Q: Hi again, Its us Gino and Helen. Okay so Gino was born 8/31, he has certainly improved since coming to live with us last week. I wrote you before about the vomiting. He has been eating fine. He eats his little bowel of food every 4-5 hours. Sometimes Pure chicken grilled with nothing, Eukaneuba kibbel, or kibble mixed with a soft chicken for puppies also by Eukanueba. Gino loves all of it. I have given him a pumpkin digestive aid mixed with kibble, and his breeder told me to try Activia vanilla also. Both helped a little. What happens seems like he plays and gets very happy and what seems more like water and some food comes flying out of his nose and mouth. It scares him. Sometimes its a lot, sometimes its a little. Mostly runny. Other that that he seems great. Went for his first little walk/run yesterday and did great but had thrown up all over his puppy palace in the middle of the night. I saw some other forums where people with other frenchies give their dogs Pepcid or something like that? Can I give him anything and if so how much??? Thank you
A: Certainly you can try pepto bismol at 0.5 ml per pound of body weight orally 3 times a day. Your description brings to mind a motility problem. Try the pepto for a few days and let me know what happens. It also sounds like you might be able to regulate his access to food and water in relation to his peak exercise periods.