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Mixed Signals

July 25, 2013, 6:11 PM
Q: My puppy is confusing me. She wouldn't eat or drink when I first brought her home, except for the yogurt. Then the 3rd day she was perfect in eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing. Then she started sneezing once in a while. Then today she started coughing. Today was her first vet visit and the vet gave me Clavamox for the cough. She only ate a small amount this morning and has not eaten since. So, I gave her some more yogurt. She also is sleeping MUCH more, but does have active times. She's giving me mixed signals and I'm not sure what to do.
A: It sounds like you have more than one circumstance that your puppy is trying to deal with. The first few days after you brought her home the fluctuations in food and water consumption were due to the changes in environment and routine. Most puppies need 2-3 days to regroup. The second change in appetite and attitude are likely due to the respiratory infection that your vet has recognized and begun treatment. It usually takes about 72 hours for a response to therapy to begin, be sure to let someone know if she is not close to normal after a few days or especially if her attitude or appetite deteriorate more.