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Picnic With the Pups

July 2, 2017, 7:21 AM
Q: I have two questions: 1. How much water should be 11 week, 7lb cavapoo drink each day? 2. Is an hour car-ride too long for our pup? We have been invited to a cookout and told we can bring the puppy. We can't leave him home while we are gone, because it would be 5 or 6 hours alone in a crate for him while we are gone. The longest he is in a crate now is 5.5 hours at night while we sleep. Or would it be okay? We are training him to eliminate outside. He does not go in his crate.
A: The answer to your questions is "it's pretty much up to you" If the picnic is in a public use area frequented by dogs then I would suggest not taking your puppy. Otherwise, the time intervals of the ride or crate should not be a problem for him. If you choose to take him I would not feed him within a hour or the ride and if possible try taking him on shorter rides before the picnic.