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Shaking Puppy

October 16, 2012, 1:04 PM
Q: Hi doc, got another puppy on Sunday, when we picked her up her cage was damaged on one side and she was shaking really bad, thought that it would be gone by today but it is not. She seems to be afraid of people all together, she runs away when you try to pick her up, she is not eating very well, I have to force feed her... My other morkie tries to get her to play but she only wants to sleep. She is nine weeks old. I also give her the karo syrup every two hours as instructed. My other pup had no problem. Could this be a reaction from shots? I am worried.
A: I don't know when the shots you are asking about were given, but even if it was just before her travel any reaction would likely be gone by now. It sounds like what you are seeing is fear and probably is from all the changes and stresses of the transition to the new surroundings. I would continue to give the karo syrup as directed to guard against hypoglycemia, if she is eating but not as well as expected you should continue letting her rest and supporting her with food, water and karo for a couple more days. Typically there should be small but steady improvement in her attitude, appetite and and comfort level each day. If she will not eat some on her own or you do not see some improvement you should have her examined by your veterinarian.