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Routine For Puppy

February 2, 2013, 2:50 PM
Q: Hello, My puppy is active all day - she will not sleep as long as there is activity at all in the home. I was thinking about using her crate to encourage her to sleep. Maybe close the door, and either put a blanket over it to keep the light out. or I could put her crate iin a bedroom and shut the door. I think this might work but wondered if that is something you'd recommend? If so, can you tell me how ofter during the day I should put her in there and approx how long the naps should be She is as feisty as can be and would go 24/7 if I let her . My aim to is to get her on some kind of routine (sleeping and eating) so that I can figure out the potty training routine. Right now it's so random , I am not making any headway. Thanks Much!
A: So far as what is best for the puppy the more activity the better as long as the puppy is eating well. Trying to force rest is not often successful and when extended cage time is necessary it can lead to some behavioral problems that are best avoided. Levels of high activity just prior to a necessary nap time can help. Creating a pattern to feeding times is a much better plan. At your puppy's age probably three feedings daily with the last one at least one hour before your bedtime would be good. Trips to the designated potty area should be immediately after eating and also each hour or so in between meals. Establishing a repeatable schedule for pottty training is difficult prior to 12 weeks of age because the puppy does not develop the ability to postpone elimination until about 12 weeks.