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Changing to Dry Food Only

November 5, 2013, 9:49 AM
Q: We have been giving our maltipoo puppy supplemental feedings his first week. Since we've had him a week, we've decided to give him his kibble only. Prior to today he was very good about peeing outside. This morning he's going in many places throughout the house. Could it be retaliation?
A: I would say that the change in pattern of elimination is probably not related to the diet change. I would continue with house training efforts as it sounds like you were making progress especially since you have only had him one week. There is a shift in water intake that occurs when you go to dry food only. Canned or moist foods are about 70% water so a puppy on that type of diet does not need to drink much. When you go to dry food he has to increase voluntary water intake so there could be a temporary shift in urine output but his total water intake in a day will balance out over a few days. I would keep doing what you are doing and see what happens in the next couple days, if the frequent urination continues let me know and I will help you decide what to do next. Spiteful urination to protest the change would be very unusual in a puppy this young and new.