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Parasite Control Choices

April 15, 2015, 5:51 PM
Q: My 2 lb. 12 week old yorkie will be going to the vet next week. Would you suggest getting her treated with flea and tick medication, as well as heart worm prevention while I am there or is she too young ? If not, what types would you recommend. I don't want her treated with something that her little body would not tolerate and could make her ill. I know that you have more experience and expertise with the smaller breeds.
A: Yes she is old enough for most parasite control products. Personally, I like the fipronyl products (Frontline and many generics) as they provide good flea and tick protection. It is okay but not necessary to use the entire tube, for 5 lbs i would use about 1/3 tube or let me know what product you select and i can help with dosing. Check with your vet as there are geographic, environmental variations that influence the choices. If you haven't seen the "Flea" and "Parasite Control" videos you might take a look.