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Puppy Chooses When to Do It Right

March 23, 2016, 10:56 PM
Q: We've been working on house breaking for about 10 days now. Puppy is 17 weeks (we got her at just shy of 16 weeks). When we go outside, she will normally tinkle/poop, and she's holding it overnight (which I know means she can hold it like, 5-7 hours) but when we are home, she pees inside the house like, every hour or 2! What gives? We try to watch her but this evening it was like she was taking tiny tinkles just to mark her spot. We can't take her out every 30 minutes!! (And even if we did, I still think she would pee in the house). Could she be peeing on the carpet since it smells like pee? Should we just chuck it? Thanks!
A: From your comments she must be staying in a different place overnight. Really 10 days is a pretty short time when it comes to potty trainng so there is still hope. Please let me know where she stays at night and where she typically is when you are home. We offer a 100% green odor control product which eliminates urine and fecal odor through the use of good bacteria. It is available in the "Accessories" section of PupPeePooPalace.com.