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Pooping is a problem

February 24, 2014, 2:23 PM
Q: Hi, 5 days ago I brought home my now 12 week old Pomeranian pup. I use the Palace at night for confinement and during the day keep it open. Also, during the day and evening I have 2 areas for play and being part of the family: 1 has baby gates ( the Palace is there), the other is a play pen....both have pee pads. I am taking him out as soon as he wakes up, after naps, eating...etc. He will pee, then pee again outside...the pooping is a challenge... When I bring him back in he will sometimes pee again (on the pads) and starts to poop but does not use the pads to poop. If I can catch him assuming the position or sniffing and circling I grab him and out the door we go again. I do command that he "go potty".. and I am pretty stern with the reprimand. I have never had a puppy...am I confusing him or me or both? Help! Btw, he has soiled the Palace overnight only 2 times and is settling in sleeping pretty well.
A: For 5 days into his training you are both doing very well. The stimulus that results in deification develops slower than that for urination so you just need to stay outside longer. Training a puppy to eliminate only outdoors is a simpler concept for the puppy to grasp but until 14-16 weeks of age having the pads as a back up is a good idea. We have had many owners successfully utilizing the Palace while training their puppy to go outside. Stay consistent and remain outside as long as possible.