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Puppy Shewing on Yard Items

February 26, 2014, 11:36 AM
Q: Hi Dr Pup...as I am potty training my 12 week old Pom pup in my backyard, I am concerned as he is eating everything...leaves, rocks, sticks, budding day lilies, etc. I do not have grass, it's rock and pavers with various bushes and plants. Should I be concerned? I grab things out of his mouth and say "no"...I am considering putting down some astro turf type product in hopes it will be more enticing with less distractions. Thanks.
A: Stopping a puppy from chewing on foreign materials in the yard is an impossible task. Fortunately given the variety of objects that puppies pick up the frequency of significant problems is very low. Being watchful and ready is your best defense. Ornamental plants can pose a significant threat due to toxicity. Some Lilies are toxic and there are many other common plants that pose a threat. Astro turf can be difficult to clean. I would suggest some type of exercise pen to keep him away from danger. There is a doctor pup article on common toxic plants.