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May 6, 2021, 5:44 PM
Q: Our pup is now seven months old. I was going to potty train him in the palace well that was not going good. He would just chew paper or tear it up. So I have been trying to train him outside. He doesn’t give clear signals when he has to go. I take him out every couple of hours. He goes, however he also goes in the house at times. Help help with suggestions. I even paid for a two week board and train. They said he did good. When I leave home he goes in kennel. When I am busy he stays in a play yard in living room. Yesterday he pooped and potties in the play yard. Help help. Thanks so much.
A: Any changes at his age will need consistency and stiff penalties.  He is about 3 months past ideal age to achieve success.  Staying outside as much as possible and as often as possible is the easiest part.  Your description lets me know he does not fear what will happen if he eliminates indoors.  That is what you have to accomplish quickly and sternly.  You can use noise to identify what is incorrect and then couple it with a corrective step such as a time out but your have to have a "penalty box" and unfamiliar area never used for anything else.