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Training Tips

Pooping in the Right Place

December 3, 2016, 2:43 PM
Q: Potty training question... We have the puppy poo palace and we've been relatively successful in training her to pee outside. when she gets up, after eating, etc. however we're not having any luck with training her to poop in the palace nor outside. it's almost like she holds off pooping when we take her outside. she will pee outside, we bring her inside and she finds a spot and poops in the house. Any suggestions???
A: The reflex that initiates defecation takes longer usually than urination so expect a delay between the two and be ready to wait out the additional time required for defecation to take place. With some puppies you can time the interval between the two and often bring her in and then go back outside. Be patient, once she has defecated in the right place(out or in) then positive reinforcement can quickly change her timing.