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Biting does not respond

March 29, 2017, 10:13 AM
Q: My dog is seven months old cava chon. He chews on everything and destroys anything he finds even my eyeglasses, slippers, clothes...I immediately say STOP or No loud. I tried to distract him by throwing his favorite toy away or neglecting his behavior and move away from him. It is very embarrassing when someone visits us and the dog chews on his shoes or phone cords. I hired a trainer and her recommendation was not to trade him with a toy or treat or something he likes because he will see it as a reward and keeps repeating the bad behavior. She suggested to keep him on the leash whenever he is out of his crate and pull him firmly when he approaches my hand or something to chew on. This was inconvenient because I need to do my work with both hands!!! Please help.
A: Your situation sends one message, your reprimand is not strong enough. Maybe extended time out in unfamiliar area or some controlled physical action. The message has to be undeniable at 7 months.