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August 26, 2021, 3:35 PM
Q: My 8-month-old malshi husband doing great. She's completely housebroken, follows basic commands, and has free range of the house except when we leave. We crate her whenever we go, and she recently has developed severe separation anxiety when we leave her. She's always seemed to have trouble with this, but it's gotten worse since we had her spade and I had been around her all the time then. She drools excessively, rips everything to shreds, and can't seem to relax until we return. We've tried over the counter treats to calm her and they don't work. We've tried frozen Kong's, special toys, and leaving on the TV. Nothing helps. We are afraid now that she may accidentally hurt herself. The only other time she is crated is at night. She doesn't mind that though since I am right beside her in my bed. Please provide any advice you may have, I'm afraid our next step may be medication, and I really don't want to do that if I can correct this myself.
A: You may need something like Clomicalm along with desensitization, for now start by trying to gradually move her farther from you at night to let her see it is okay to be by herself even when you are there.